Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A little bit of June

I finally brought Quinn in to meet my mothers class. The whole day went something like this. He walked into the class and the kids awed and sighed over him. We went out to recess with them and he was like a little celebrity. He was always surrounded by my moms class.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B.
They took turns pushing him on the swing. One person pushed and the rest of the class sood there and watching him on the swing like it was the most fascinating thing. Quinn was laughing at his shadow and the kids just couldn't get over it.

Exhibit C - need I say more. Quinn had a great time, he loved all the students in my mom's class.

This past weekend Quinn and I went with my dad and his wife to my cousins graduation party. Luckily my uncle has a swing set at his house so Grandpa Dan had a good time.

I'm pretty sure Quinn liked it too.

We never did find our camera. I really can't imagine for the life of me where the thing went to, however I am falling behind on my blogging so we had to go pick up another one. Here are Quinn's first attempts at photography.

The first several pictures went like this, until I could explain to him that you look at the big screen and not through the little square. Clever kid though, I think he had seen Nohno taking pictures with a regular camera so he thought he should be looking through a little viewer.

Next we got several of these until I could explain to him that what you see on the screen is what your picture will look like.

Then we got this. Yay.

Here is a little video of my water baby. Quinn really likes the water, which really makes me nervous. Time for swim lessons.
Finally, keep us all in your thoughts and prayers on Tues.


Anonymous said...

How cute! I think you have a fish on your hands! That pool looked refreshing! LOL...

Quinn is always in my thoughts and prayers but I will pray extra hard for him on Tuesday!
Lots of Love and hope to see you soon

aekeck said...

Hey Steph, It's Allison, Toby's friend and a fellow diver. I see that Quinn is starting to swim. If you ever need a swimming instructor, I've been teaching swim lessons for over 12 years now. If you ever need anyone to come out to your house and teach him, let me know. Hope all is well and Quinn is growing up so fast. He's absolutely adorable =)