Saturday, August 15, 2009

All of the cousins in one place!!!!!

Wow, so Dans sister is in town visiting with her daughter, so once or twice a week we have all of the cousins in the same place. It's been wonderful.
We actually have a couple of pictures with all five of them. But I have to scan them and I'm having some problems with that. So here are the four of them.
And here is our newest addition, Joey.
Hello beautiful.
My little characters.
They are all such fish. I swear these kids could live in the water.

Sorry Kristin, I couldn't help put this picture up. I just think it's too cute. I can't tell if he's trying to push her out or help her in.
Mommy Meha and Mila. It's been sooooo wonderful having them all around. Maybe someday Mel will convince Drew to move here.

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Kristin said...

That bathing suit gives Mary such a wedgie, I'll bet Quinn was trying to pull it out for her. What a helpful little guy.