Monday, August 17, 2009

Firsts and some great news

So at the end of June Quinn hosted his first party so I figured I should post pictures for posterity sake. Most of his friends from daycare came, along with the moms and his teachers. It was a great time, although this summer has been unseasonably cool. But that didn't stop the kids.

Well it didn't stop most of them anyway......

The teens on the other hand, decided in true teen form to sit this one out :)

Sitting pretty.

Cousin Mary made it too. This was the day after her baby brother was born so her grandma brought her over until she could go visit Joey.

This was only two months ago, but Quinn looks a lot younger to me. I think it's all that hair.

Making herself a better target!!!!!
So for the good news. I can't believe it took me this long to post this. The last cardiac appointment we had was brimming with good news. At this point along with the cardiac caths we've been having as routine maintenance for Quinn's arteries we have also know we had two more open chest surgeries to come. One to take out the stents that have been put in over the last two years. The other to place a valve in his main pulmonary artery. Well, his last procedure went so well that his cardiologist has started to talk about breaking up his stents. At this point the only way to remove stents is to surgically cut them out. I've been praying for the cardiology world to find a better way to remove them. Well, that prayer was answered in a different form. Breaking up the stents means the stents can actually stay in his body for the rest of his life without causing problems. Meaning they will never have to be removed. The doctor will stick a catheter up through his vein and dilate a balloon inside of each stent to break them open. This will keep the too small stents that are unable to be expanded any more from causing problems as he grows. The stents are currently embedded in the artery so there is no danger from leaving them in his body once they are broken up. If after those stents are broken the arteries are having trouble staying dilated they just place another larger stent over top of the old one. So, if they are able to break the stents, NO SURGERY for that. The next bit of news, which we were somewhat expecting, but it was such a relief to hear. Apparently they've been placing heart valves in Europe via a catheter process for a couple of years and that process is now approved in the US. So, NO SURGERY for that either. And to top it all of, apparently Quinn's conduction is improving. He's always had an erratic heart beat, but the doctor told us that his EKG shows and improvement since after his last procedure.
You can imagine, I floated out of the doctors office on cloud 9. Quinn and I had a little celebration. We got some donuts and smoothies. I very very very rarely give him fast food due to those tiny arteries of his, so why I would celebrate by trying to clog them I can't tell you. But he loved it, so what can you do. Once in a while won't hurt.

So on to our second first. Quinn got invited to his first birthday party for a none relative and there was tons of fun to be had. His friend Tory turned 3 with a John Deer themed party.
Thus the pinata.
I need to get him a sandbox.
He really likes them.
He thought he would try out the slid. Sorry Quinn, I put a stop to that, but nice try.
The latest use for a snorkel.
Quinn loves Erica, and luckily she seems to really like him too.
And I leave you with the boys having fun.
How can you help but smile at this.


Auntie Karra and Uncle Jeffrey said...

Way to go Quinn!! The Mightyness has struck once again, no more open surgeries!!! You are truly amazing. And look at how much fun your summer has been. We love you so much and love that you are such a joy to life.
Hugs and kisses..."Love love"

Anonymous said...

Quinn I can not begin to express how happy I am to hear that you no longer have to worry about surgeries. You are so loved and have been prayed for by so many people. You have proved that you are TOUGH and STRONG.
Dan and Steph-you are amazing parents and are part of this amazing miracle as well.
Quinn continue to be the happy healthy little boy that you are.
Much love

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

whoa I am so excited about the no surgeries for QUINN!!! Way to go!!!
He is getting so big and has such a personality in the pictures. Thanks for sharing.