Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Zoo

Quinn spent a lot of our Zoo visit here on my shoulders. He seemed to like it and it allowed him to see over fences and rails. It's funny, you would think when they are constructing zoo's they would think about all of the small people coming to visit and make exhibits easy to see through from way down low. Oh well, we made up for it.

Quinn liked this water wall.

Speaking of water. The path through this Zoo basically makes a figure eight, with a bathroom at the top and the bottom of the eight. Well, we get to the middle of the zoo and Quinn announces he has to pee. So of course I panicked since I knew there wasn't really a bathroom nearby. I'm looking around trying to figure out what the heck to do when I hear a dad behind me say, "Good luck. You're half way between both bathrooms." As he's saying this I look down at Quinn and realize his pants are already down to his knees. So I look around again, locate the nearest patch of woods and move him that way so he can at least pee in the dirt and not in the middle of the exhibit. I have to admit. I'm actually relieved he pulled his pants down. I didn't want him to pee his pants, but I didn't have the nerve to let him pee at the side of the exhibit. So, problem solved. Thanks Quinn.

Here we are with the elephants.

I have no idea what this is anymore.

The barn area. Quinn actually go to feed this goat. I was so busy watching to make sure he didn't get his fingers chewed off, I didn't take a picture. How ridiculous.

Mila and Auntie Meha came with us too.

Too cute.

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Anonymous said...

What a smart boy you are Quinn!!! Way to go pee without any complications!! Mila looks like she had a blast too!
Love you all,
Auntie Karra and Uncle Jeffrey