Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Music, Mayhem, and Parties

Wholly tan Quinn Lee. I just wanted to show off his tan a little bit. He got that even with the 50 billion plus sun block I had on him. He and Mary tan like no one's business.

So , this Summer in an effort to keep very very busy I enrolled Quinn in a gym class and a music class thanks to my mom and my dad. So, here's my mom with the boy at music classes.

We sing songs and play instruments and work on rhythm and movement.

Quinn really loves the microphone ..... even when we are supposed to be working with the blocks.

OK, on to the gym class. So this is what I call mayhem.

It's a great class. The teacher is wonderful and most of the time the kids participate. However, when they don't they scatter to the four corners of the world and chaos ensues for a while.

Now they are participating......
Now they aren't, and where did the vest come from?

Jumping away.

This past weekend was Maki's birthday, so here are some photos of the kids swimming

and playing
and swimming

and more swimming.

Did I mention all the kids had fun.

and wrestling

Here's more of gym class mayhem. Enjoy the random flopping.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I told Quinn I needed to get him a helmet before he could ride his bike. We were at walm*rt today and he saw this one. So here he is. My little spiderman.

Very proud and happy and as it turns out, smarter than his mommy. I was trying to get the zip tie off of the knee pads and was having a lot of trouble, as I was trying to do it with out scissors. Quinn comes over and says to me, just open them. Well, duh. The zip cord was only holding the pads together by looping around the straps. So, I unvelcroed two straps and, vuala. Smarty pants.

Here is the newest addition to our house.

Quinn has named him "Pet". So here is our bearded dragon Pet.

I thought this was cute. Enjoy.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My little pirate

We went to Newport last weekend to visit a friend of mine. While we were there we visited Fort Adams. Quinn was very intrigued by the cannons.

We also went to see the fireworks. Here is Quinn and daddy posing before they started.

Auntie Karra and Uncle Jeffery just got back from Disney World and look what they brought Quinn. I have such a spoiled little boy. Luckily most of the time he's spoiled with love.
The transformation.
I don't know if you could tell, but he's actually saying Arrggh in this picture.

The final touch .... A telescope. Hold on to this little detail until the end of the post.

Thanks Auntie Karra and Uncle Jeffry.
Quinn enjoying the pool mommy style.
Quinn liked being a Pirate soooo much he got dressed back up as a pirate the second we got out of the pool.

And the second he woke up from his nap.
In fact the pirate stuff made it with us all the way to a graduation party tonight. I tried to distract him. I put everything in the front seat and told him he could put it back on when we got to the party. I figured he'd forget after the 45min drive we had. Nope. The second we parked, "Can I be a pirate again." Sigh. Luckily, everyone at the party got a kick out of it, so it was all good. Except that we had a fatality. I brought Quinn to go to the bathroom and he was holding the hook and telescope will he was on the toilet. Of course he drops the telescope into the toilet (why I let him hold onto them I have no idea). So I tell him, "Well, there goes the telescope." really meaning, "You won't be able to play with that again until I sterilize it." I take him off the toilet to fish out the telescope and what do you know, it's a self flushing toilet, a powerful one at that. Can you see where this is going. The second I reach my hand in to grab the scope the toilet flushes and before I can grab it, it's gone. Quinn was soooooo upset. He didn't want to wear his pirate stuff anymore after that. What can I do? I'm going to see if I can find one on e-bay or something. Sigh, I know these things happen, but I felt soo bad.
Here is Quinn giving balloons to the Dr. Sues Oh the places you will go monster.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cell phone pic adventure

Boston children's hospital. Quinn at two and a half years old as an in-patient trying to stay entertained for a two day stay on a bed.

Earlier I mentioned that he was a model patient. Part of that is me bragging because the kids behavior impresses me. Steph and I always try to teach him politeness and respect, and love that he comes through even around strangers. He makes it easy for the hospital staff when they have to work with him, and thus, he gets so many stickers he doesn't know what to do.

Radiation exposure. This use to bug him. Not much anxiety here. There's a book Quinn likes called "Curious George goes to the hospital". It illustrates the monkey getting x-rays and having an operation. It also shows how the monkey cheers up the other children in the hospital, and Quinn has emulated what he remembers from the book.

Checking vitals.

Theres a TV in his room.

I was a little sceptical when Steph would tell him well in advance when he was going to get stuck with needles. But he accepts the news better than I would, cooperates, and doesn't cry until it hurts. Then he's fine in a matter of moments. That's awesome Quinn.

Quinn was given an oral sedative just before he was taken in for the angioplasty. I took cell phone pics periodically over the next few minutes...

I wasn't even speaking to him when he just began laughing at my face.

He would answer yes or no questions, but wouldn't say what was so funny. Until I asked the right question. "Is daddy's face funny?"

It was a little sad to watch. What parent wants to see their kid on drugs? But he was happy alright.

After the procedure he was not so happy. He had not eaten or drank for a day, and the only word coming out of his mouth was "water". The nurse told us to give him little sips over the next half hour, and he was pretty ticked about that.

When I say the outlook is good leaving the hospital, I mean that the doctors have put off scheduling any further angioplasty procedures. His cardiologist (Dr. Marshall) says the only thing left to do is grow and see how his heart pumps blood as he gets bigger.

On that great news, we asked Quinn what he wanted to do in the big city. I thought he would just want to go home, like I did. But instead he was up for some fine dining and a trip to the aquarium.

We are home now. The incision on Quinns femoral artery will keep him out of the pool for a few days but other than that, life is grand. As always, thanks the friends and family who support us. I didn't get pictures on my cell phone but both Quinns grandmas came to Boston to help entertain him during his long hours in the hospital bed. Thanks you two.