Friday, January 01, 2010

Back to Sea World

Since Sea World seemed to be more our speed than Disn*y we went back on Sunday.
This time the characters were out, so we got a picture with Cookie monster, my favorite and possibly Quinn's too. He likes the fact that he gets to eat cookies all the time.
Quinn was being very silly while we waited for the Orca show to start and wouldn't look at the camera to take a picture with mommy. Thus the hand on his head.

He loved the show, and is now fascinated with orcas. We let him get one souvenir from the trip and out of all of his options, he got an orca.

I could help put this picture. He just looks so confused. Not sure what was going on at this point.

The kiddie rides at Sea World were perfect. The line were only about five or ten minutes long and the rides were really built for younger kids. Perfect!!!

He had to ride on the shark when he got on the carousel.

Then Quinn and Daddy got tattoos.

Of course Quinn picked a shark.

He loved it.

Dan let Quinn pick his out. Here are the boys showing off their tats.

I finally got to touch a dolphin. Not exactly the same as they are in captivity, but its an experience none the less. Here is Quinn and I feeding the dolphins at Sea World.


Pop said...

LOVE the shot of Quinn looking at his new tatoo!!!

Auntie Karra and Uncle Jeffrey said...

Much agreed!! He's so intense about it. I can hear him saying "It's A SHARK" in a deep voice. Imagining someone asked him what it was. Quinn, looks like the whole family had such a blast!