Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Bye Restarnaut Hello Winking and Eye Crossing

Did I ever mention what a serious child Quinn is??? That's probably because, as you can tell, he's not. I'm not sure if it's genetic, anyone who knows Dan might argue for that, or if it's because when he was younger and he started to get mad we would make funny faces at him to get him to laugh. Picture Dan, Quinn, Marshall, and I all sitting at the dinner table making faces at each other and you have a very typical night for us. So about the time turned 3 he started crossing his eyes (which he won't let me take a picture of right now) and winking. He loves making funny faces. I should get some of those on camera too.

Along with promoting his silly side I make it a point to help Quinn use words accurately when he talks and to help him pronounce words correctly. There is one word that has always been an exception for me though, the word restaurant. Quinn has always said restarnaut and I just loved it too much to correct it. About the time he started winking restarnaut became restaurant, so bye bye restarnaut. I'm glad he pronounces it correctly, but it makes me a bit sad. Ah well. They all have to grow up sometime.

In other news Quinn got to sit in a fire truck today. We were visiting my school and the fire alarm went off in the building we were in, so of course a fire truck with several firemen arrive on the scene. Quinn was very excited about it and asked if he could sit in the truck. I told him no because fire trucks aren't toys. Well the Fire Marshall overheard Quinn and I talking about the fire trunk and probably noticed Quinn admiring it and came over and asked Quinn if he wanted to sit in it. Quinn lit up and quickly followed the Marshall. The Marshall picked Quinn up and put him in the drivers seat of the truck at which point panic set in. Before I could even get my cell out of my pocket to take the picture Quinn was ready to come down. Oh well, I enjoyed it and I got to point out to Quinn that these guys are real life super heroes. Quinn is very into super heroes and I want him to know that there are real people who dedicate their live to helping and saving people, like firemen, police, military, doctors, etc.

OK, I'll leave you with a little bit of fun.

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Auntie Karra and Uncle Jeffrey said...

I love it!!! Oh my goodness, I've seen Quinn cross his eyes, it is hilarious! I thought it might have been on accident, but I guess not. Quinn, you are sooo funny and sooo loving. I love the video clip here and Zeik was watching it all excited to hear your giggle!!! We love you so much.