Sunday, July 09, 2006

High Praise

You know, I've taken the time to write about the progress of the baby and life in general, but I think it's time to write about my husband. I read his posts and he doesn't give himself enough credit. While this pregnancy has been remarkably pleasant for me, he should know it's still essential to me to have him around. As he mentioned, he has been great about being at my beck n' call so to speak (I think that's how you write that), which of course I love. He'll even pause a video game to get me things!!!! But it's much more than that, emotionally he's been great for me. He's such a laid back person, he keeps me enjoying a very stress free life. He teaches me the value and the benefit of not sweating the small stuff and not to worry so much about what other people think and do. He's been so good about giving me all of the affection that I want, even when he's trying to relax himself. He's just been so selfless, I love him so much and I can't wait to see him as a dad. That's another part of what he does for me. I know he's going to be such a great father and we have such similar views on raising children that I don't stress about the future as much as I might. If the baby cooperates, we'll find out in 11 days the gender of our little one, Dan is so excited. Another plus, he's been so excited about this pregnancy, even when it doesn't seem real to me, he's enjoying it. I think he thinks about this baby as much as I do. For a final update, I had a doctors apt. this past Friday. Things are looking good, heart beat, growth, etc. While the doctor was listening for the heart beat he could also hear the baby moving around, which of course I couldn't feel. I'm pretty sure that I am feeling the baby move now, but obviously not every time. OK, I'll try to get new pictures up soon and of course hopefully we'll let you know what we might be having in 11 days (everyone knows the doctor can be wrong). Have a great day everyone.

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Kristin said...

How nice to see you both acknowledge each other's strengths and efforts during this pregnancy. This will be such an important thing for you both to continue to do, especially once the baby is here and stress is at it's highest! This baby is blessed to have two parents who are so dedicated to strengthening their family.