Monday, July 03, 2006

Hello ladies

This is not a most recent picture, but I'm showing my current family. We're in order of intelligence from left to right. If I could've fit all Steph's house plants in the pic the cat would still be last. I kind of want this pic to look back on when a new member arrives. My wife has been encouraging me to put the "man's perspective" on this blog spot. So I'll offer a quick analysis of what I know so far. As I've closely observed and monitored Steph's behavior, I find that she is still surprisingly calm and relaxed. I was preparing for some manner of mild mood swings at least. She's more humerous and seems to laugh about everything. She laughs most about how unfunny she is when she tries to be funny. I'd never know she was pregnant if she didn't say so and wasn't showing. I find that I'm the one with all the food cravings. I'm glad she is resting well and paying attention to everything she eats. When I think of what to brag about as far as my own efforts toward the pregnancy, my mind keeps eluding to how good Steph has been. The only thing I've had to noticably change is that I do the cooking more than I normaly would. Well, I fetch things for her so she doesn't have to get up. And give more foot massages. I change her cats litterbox. But those aren't things to brag about. Considering I didn't know much about what to expect from my wife during pregnancy, I must say I'm rather pleased.

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