Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oh No

I finally experienced my first shopping spree for the baby, eeeeee. I went to TJ Max to kill some time while the car was being inspected and figured I would pick Dan up a couple of shirts. He's been working hard long hours at work, so I thought I'd get him a little something so so that he's appreciated. They have a pretty decent baby section, so I figured I'd check it out QUICKLY ...... Yeah right. All the cloths are so cute, I was just going to get one outfit ..... $35 later, I had 3 PJ's, three shirt and pant outfits, a onesie that says take me home, and a book. So much for my one item. At least I know from now on when I go shopping for the baby I will need to bring backup. It's all so cute though, I can't stand it, and it's so much fun.


Jess said...

You're too cute!!

Kristin said...

Hand-me-downs are great, but there's nothing quite like putting clothes on your little one that were actually purchased for them. I'm glad you let yourself have some shopping fun! You and the baby deserve it!

Lily's mommy said...

Personally, I think you showed great restraint! :) It's so hard not to buy out the whole store! And it will only get worse once he arrives!!