Sunday, July 01, 2007

Our new trick

I'm not really sure what to say about this. It's cute and our most recent trick. Enjoy.


AndreaMarieR said...

Oh my goodness, feeding himself!! How cute!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Gosh, I'd say he has MORE than "caught up"! What fun to be able to share this! Doesn't look like he is too crazy about the taste of those peas, though.

Love to all of you,
Mrs. Cherry

Anonymous said...

Hey Steph and Dan,

He is very smart baby :) - he was attempting to take the spoon from me when I fed him the other day. That's impressive. Hope all is well by you guys. much love - Suzanne

GoQuinnGo! said...

Wow, Quinn - over 20,000 hits on your blog! What a milestone. Of course 10,000 of them are probably from Uncle Joe & I...

Can't blame you for not liking the peas, little buddy. Next time ask Mom & Dad if they'll eat it. Then repeat after me, "If you won't, I won't!"

Aunt Kristin