Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back in Boston

Another trip to Boston. But this one was not as painful.

The Boston Museum of Science is more of what I had in mind if I was ever going to bring my kid into Boston. Now mom and I get to watch Quinn squeal with joy rather than squeal for other reasons.

The displays were cool and all, but I really only wanted to see how Quinn reacted to everything. There's nothing funnier than seeing a round little face full of pure excitement. Of course watching Steph was pretty entertaining as well. I don't know who was more awe struck. She had this bewildered look on her face the whole time.

Not really. But no denying that's a funny picture.

Once Quinn had seen enough, he calmly brought up the fact that he was hungry. He then waited patiently and quietly while we looked for an uncrowded spot in this public place to feed him.

Again, not really. It was angry screaming baby with tons of people looking at the new parents who had no good prior plan. Of course we found a spot, sort of.

Quinn called it quits after a few hours, so we called it a day. A really good day.

Doing things as a family has never had this kind of meaning for me. I was talking with my pop the other day, telling him how much fun it is being around my kid. He told me to wait until one day when he's older and doesn't call you much and is busy providing for his own family. Well, I love you dad, and wish we could hang out all the time. Seeing how easily life changes is what helps me enjoy these times even more. Even though you and I don't see each other much, we do have a ton of great memories. Here's to hoping my kid can say the same about me when he's older.


Pop said...

Quinn's got a great Pop...and he will know it. It doesn't feel so great right at this moment being way down here in Virginia. Love you Dan...and Quinn...and Steph. For goodness sakes Steph, wipe that goofey look off your face. It's just a museum! :-))

Love Pop

Steph and Dan said...

Ouch. I think Dan is trying to get back at me for all the pictures I've put on here that he thought were bad. Eeeeeeee.