Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fun with daddy ...... or maybe not

So Quinn is now 15lb 2oz and 25 7/8 inches long. His height just made the baby charts. His weight still isn't quite there. I think it will his next dr. appointment. He is also really interested in somethings he technically shouldn't be doing yet. His physical therapist noticed that Quinn really likes to play with a small soft soccer ball that I got him. He roles it to you on the floor and he tries to throw it. It's really cute.

Although this is what we do in our bouncer.

Daddy got the honor of taking our little boy swimming today.

Once again it was a hit.

Or was it?

Look again from a differnt angle.

We wanted to try to get him underwater. I'm just not sure we did it right. He doesn't seem any worse for the wear though.


Anonymous said...

Hey Quinn, Just checking in on your blog you sure have grown alot!!! And I see you are doing some underwater swimming pretty cool dude! I am so happy that you are doing so well. Your Momy seems like an old Pro at this parenting thing. Happy to see you doing so awesome. How bout you dunk Daddy next time see how he likes it LOL!!
Take care little prince love Maria

Anonymous said...

Quinn will be the most handsome dude in CT someday, u wait and c. He is just so cute. I don't remembering seeing Dan's baby face as cute as Quinn's(lol). Most of all, I'm happy that he's growing so fast and strong. Hope to see u all someday.

Nohno Mer

Eve said...

Try blowing in his face before dunking him. Usually that makes babies hold their breath. So glad to see you guys doing so well!