Sunday, October 15, 2006

Classes and anniversaries

Did the anniversary thing and now the birthing classes. Man, I can't get outa nothin. At least it's all been fun and I learned a lot. I learned how to be a labor coach. That wasn't so bad. Just do what the pregnant mamma says and help her focus and do the breathing technique. Now, I don't know what most men think about child births before they've ever seen one. I think you take what they show in the movies, and whatever your friends will describe for you, and sort of develope what you think you would expect. But you relaize that there is still a mystique about it until you experience it. We watched a film in the class that showed a bunch of different child births. The first one I wasn't sure exactly what they'd show or how graffic the film would be. I was sipping a coffee and watching intently as one of the women was about to have a baby. Suddenly the sheets lifted up and the camera got right down into the mix. Into the business. All the fluids and more fluids, and then the tiny deformed and discolored baby. I swallowed my coffee a little hard but I knew Steph was watching me to see how I handled it. So I leaned over without even taking my eyes off the screen and whispered to her, "I'm fine honey, no sweat." Which, by the way, is my story and I'm stickin to it. That child birth was followed by four more, complete with labor coaching and helping the mamma through all the contractions. Back births, C sections. I'm glad I got to go to the classes with Steph because we had fun and even met a few couples there that we knew. I'm looking at all these guys who are going to be new dads, and it kind of helped my confidence. I just hope I do as good as I plan to.

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