Thursday, October 19, 2006

It just keeps growing

Of course I am referring to my belly. There are some of you who will be very excited to know that I am going to break 200lbs with this baby. I think it's pretty funny. Especially since I don't feel it, if I did it would probably be a very different story. I do have new pictures, but they are not on this computer so I will put them up later. So, someone recently asked me how I'm doing with everyday tasks, which amusingly enough is exactly what I had been getting ready to post. Of course with my ever expanding abdomen I had noticed that bending was getting increasingly more difficult. Bending over while sitting in a chair is next to impossible. The stomach is just so solid, there is just no give, and it's so protruding there is pretty much no space left between my stomach and my lap. So I can bend forward about 20 degrees, and that's not even that comfortable. Standing up and bending over still happens to some extent, however I have to lift one of my legs out behind me to make this happen. Putting on socks is impossible (although I recently discovered that if I sit on the floor it actually is still possible to put socks on). The days of being able to put my pants on standing up are rapidly approaching an end and I keep hitting people with my stomach because I just don't really have a concept of how big it really is. It's funny though, because I still get very conflicting reports. There are women (mostly women who have been pregnant before) who tell me I'm still pretty small. And then there are women who tell me how HUGE I am. Hmm, who knows. Luckily I'm still really enjoying being pregnant. Other then bending over, I'm still comfortable and able to do pretty much anything I want (that is when no one is looking). People are very quick to help you out when you're pregnant, which is very nice, but they are also very quick to tell you what you shouldn't be doing as a pregnant lady. I know they mean well, but sometimes it can be a little bit of a hindrance. OK, and then the last comment of the day, this little guy never had hiccups. Just in case he ever wants to know. So, have a good day everyone, I'll try to write more soon.

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Kristin said...

Mary had the hiccups almost daily while I was pregnant with her! Isn't it funny how different each pregnancy can be? Oh - and can I just say how nice it was to be at the end of my pregnancy in the summer. Can anyone say, FLIP FLOPS?! Don't worry about the weight gain. You're healthy, the baby's healthy, and that's all that matters (oh, but it is nice to know that you finally weigh more than me!) Love you!