Friday, May 04, 2007

All about the sitting

OK, I think I can officially say that Quinn is sitting. This makes me even more excited for summer. Sitting out in our backyard, the park, maybe a little time at the beach. I figure I'll bring his tub and a huge umbrella. Put some sea water in the tub and let him splash away to his little hearts content. It's amazing to watch this little boy catching up so quickly. I know I keep saying it, but he truly is amazing. I remember my first meeting with early intervention. One thing we did was list some things we'd like him to be doing by six months. The first thing I said was do you think we can have him caught up by six months. At the time the answer was most likely that we couldn't. I'm pretty sure that was a gentle way to say no. However, looking at him now, he's so close. He's my hero.

Look Dad, no hands.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! He's getting so grown up!

Anonymous said...

I knew he would catch up quick. The Mighty Quinn continues to amaze!! Can't wait to meet you buddy.