Saturday, May 05, 2007

One more day to go ..... I hope

I would like to send my appreciation to all the hard working single parents out there. Let me just say, I respected single parents before I had Quinn. However, now that Dan has been gone for three weeks.... I have the utmost respect. I have tons of help, people come over almost everyday and I'm still tired. I can't wait for Dan to come home, I miss him so much. Just his company is enough to help sooth me sometimes.

Quinn just had to have a toy in each hand.

Dan's dad came up from Virginia this weekend, so we visited with Grandpa and grandma Marshall at uncle Tony's. That means we've been to Tony's twice in one week. I think that's a record.

Quinn's first ride in a real swing. It was so exciting he feel asleep.

After that friends and more of Dan's family came over for a cinco de mayo dinner cooked by Miss Jessica R. Very yummy.

The tiger finally met it's match.

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