Sunday, May 06, 2007

False alarm Of course

So I always say that when it comes to Dan's traveling I'll believe he's coming or going when he gets on a plane. However, today I was fooled. Dan did make his flight in Columbia. Unfortunately it took off an hour and a half late so he missed his connecting flight in Miami. Err, so no Dan tonight. He is however in the country so I won't complain. Trust me I will sleep so well tonight. Well, aside from feeding Quinn all night. Speaking of feeding Quinn, he's not overly fond of the squash or applesauce we recently tried. That's alright, at least he doesn't gag on them the way he did with the sweet peas.

Here's the little man wearing more of the squash than he eat.

Hopefully I will have news and an update about Dan tomorrow. And hopefully more photo's of Quinn. Sorry, I didn't take that many today.


dad said...

Being stuck in Miami is better than some of the other places I've been stuck at. So Quinn can sit all alone now huh? Very fascinating. The videos and pictures have been great, but I can't wait to see him gain and witness all those skills he's been adding up. It seems everything they learn comes as a surprise. Great job my son.

Anonymous said...

Now that Dan's home, does this mean no more daily posts?? I guess that means I'll have to come visit more!