Thursday, May 03, 2007

All in the family

Today was a day of lots of adventures. Quinn and I started the day at the park, again.

Then we went to a baby shower for the newest member of our family. Sean is now 4lb 8oz which makes Quinn's 11lb 8oz seem huge. It was amazing. Sean has the sweetest little mouth.

Even next to the rest of the cousins Quinn is starting to look like a good size baby. I'm not sure how to say that, he's is starting to look like he's really caught up.

All of the cousins together for the first time. Quinn, Makaila, Mary, and Sean.

Chaos ensued after this photo. A couple of photos and all of a sudden the kids scattered. There were kids everywhere.

Uncle Tony and aunt Joyce have a cool swing set at their place.

Makaila reliving the baby days.

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dad said...

Got my new tickets. I arrive back in Providence at 11:55 pm sunday night. I'll call you with the flight info. Can't wait to see you guys. It's nice seeing Quinn around all those cousins. He's a monster compared to Sean.