Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thank you soo much

I just wanted to thank everyone for such supportive comments regarding my masters. I really couldn't have done it without the support from my mentor and the the professors at Wesleyan. They were so wonderful and understanding about my situation with Quinn.

OK, so back to my little prince Quinn. He has officially hit 13 lbs. Which apparently is great. Doctors want babies to double their birth weight by 6 months (which we've done) and triple their weight by a year. With 5lbs to go I think we can do that. I know I keep saying this but everyone is so happy with how he is doing. The nurse just couldn't get over how much he's grown/matured in a month. Also, the doctor that repaired Quinn's digestive system is so pleased with his last test that he discharged him. The doctor said if Quinn ends up having trouble later that we can go back to see him, but he doesn't think that will happen. Yay, one doctor down.

These next notes are more to remember for when Quinn gets older. He is still a terrible traveler. However he is finally learning how to sooth himself a little while traveling. In the past (by past I mean 2 weeks ago) once he started crying he screamed until we got where we were going. He loves the ABC's. He likes other songs, but I can actually sooth him with the ABC's when he's crying. Go figure. He put an object (other then my hand) in his mouth with the intention on teething on it for the first time today. It was one of the fish from his swing. Also, two nights ago was the first time I was able to put him in his pack n play before he was asleep and he didn't cry and wake up. He did it again last night too. He still wakes up every two hours to eat. He is a very sweet and happy baby. Now that his system is better at dealing with gas he rarely cries and is pretty easy baby. He loves his daddy and is all smiles for him when Dan gets home from work. Quinn watches him constantly when he's around.

He really likes the new walker we got for him. He only goes backwards at this point. It's really cute.

He likes books and his Aunties.

And of course Daddy............

Quinn saw his first parade on Monday.

It wasn't a great parade, but....

He seemed interested in it.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I did it.....Phew

I officially have my masters degree. I graduated today with Quinn looking on from the audience. It's funny this is one of the moments I've been dreaming of since I found out I was pregnant. My 6 month old son sitting with my husband and my family out in the audience while I get my diploma. I know he's not going to remember it but it was a very sweet day for me.

My Wesleyan Diploma.

The newest way we entertain Quinn. This is two of the other Psych students I took classes with.

My thugged out son. Mommy was a bad girl and left Quinn's hat at home so grandpa Dan let us borrow a handkerchief.

I actually left the ceremony after I walked and watched the rest from the sidelines so I could feed Quinn. It was an interesting experience to watch it from the outside. A lot more relaxed.

My husband is very proud of me, but don't be fooled, my dad brought me those flowers :o).

This is what we look like in the morning sometimes. Quinn wide awake and Dan 3/4 of the way asleep.

Psst. Daddy, Daddy. Wake up. I want to play.

I'm going to get him up if it's the last thing I do.

Mommy I don't know whats wrong. He's just laying there.

Oh well, I can have fun all by myself.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Sixth Months

I'm sure everyone has heard this before, but wholly cow, I have a six month old. I was holding him this morning and still amazed to have him in my life. He is my little miracle and of course the love of my life. Heehee, I love you too honey.

OK baby, so this is what you looked like on your six month birthday. Both the grandmas came to visit today and auntie Karra. We didn't have a party or anything, we just went to the park, where he fell asleep.

My happy little boy. His pj's say daddy loves me. I got them for Quinn right before Dan left for Columbia.

Apparently Quinn likes to be tossed around a bit.

Look Perry, we are practicing.......and we like it.

Daddy and Quinn time.

Auntie Meeya what do you smell. It wasn't me I swear.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Going strong

So, I spoke with Quinn's doctor about the results of the heart rate exam we had a little while ago. Not surprising, Quinn is still dropping beats. He is still doing really well at home, so the doctor said it's fine. They also found a spot where his heart beat really fast for no reason. However that only lasted seven beats so the doctor was ok with that. Good news, we don't need to go back to any of his doctors for at least 3 months. Woohoo. Go Quinn Go.

This is a new toy from grandma. He wasn't sure what to do with it at first, but he really likes it. This picture also shows off his cute little legs.

I just love this picture. It shows off his beautiful eyes.

This one is fuzzy so don't enlarge it. I just love the way his eyes light up when he smiles. All for now.

Love from Quinn......

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Back in town

Updates everyday was so nice. While I was gone I thought about the family a lot and wondered how Quinn was doing. Pictures can do a lot for morale. I left the camera with Steph for just that purpose. I did have my cell phone with me and was able to take some pictures of my own in Columbia. A lot of friends and fam have been asking about my recent trip, and this seems to be the best way to get in touch with everyone. So I'll throw some pics on here in no particular order, and add a quick show and tell style narration. I'm afraid all the real stories that accompany these photos will have to be told in person. This is a glimpse of what the place was like.

If you look in the doorway, I saw a little baby crawling around in the dirt. I'm thankful Quinn was born near Boston children's hospital.

Most of the work I did involved climbing towers.

The is a picture I took of myself shortly after the wind almost took me off balance. I needed a moment to regain my composer and I wanted to see what I looked like all flustered.

The heat was pretty miserable considering the work we were trying to do.

A Colombian sailor dropped his cell phone in the water, so he fetched a boy off the street to dive in and get it for him. The boy did, and got no money for his services.

We were well guarded at all times during our trips to the remote outposts, but a guard dog mistook me for an intruder and gave me a bite.

The city of Cartagena was a real experience. Break dancing for money doesn't just happen in the US.
Also, there were guns everywhere. Of course I took random opportunities to strike a pose.

So there's a few pics from the trip. I'm glad to be home celebrating my wife's first mothers day. Being gone for a few weeks gave an interesting perspective on just how fast kids grow. Quinn looks bigger, sounds older, and has developed more skills since I've been gone. Steph brought him to the airport to pick me up, and I've never experienced that kind of a homecoming. It was terrific laying eyes on a happy and healthy little boy.