Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby Shower

Yay, I was so worried I ran out of time to do this. Kristin and Karra surprised me this past weekend with a lunch to celebrate the little boy we have coming.
It was perfect and they will never know how grateful I am. I worry so much about short changing this little boy between school and everything going on with Quinn. And I absolutely don't want to do that. For a while I was thinking I was already doing a poor job at being a mommy to a second child. But this weekend, I finished shampooing the carpets and setting up the room. And then this!!! We celebrated my new little boy. Thank you thank you thank you everyone.
Little man who we have yet to name, you are very loved already and we definitely want you here.

Oh yes, and we came home to find this!!! Ah my boys.

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Kristin said...

Yes, it was a celebration of the new baby. But even moreso it was a celebration of you, Steph. I'll repeat the toast I gave here Steph, so you will always have this to look back on and know the love we all have for you and what a wonderful mother you are:

To Steph: A woman who has already sacrificed so much as a mother, both physically and emotionally. Who deserves nothing less than a smooth delivery with a healthy mama, healthy baby, and a lifetime of love with your two beautiful little boys.

(I left out the part where I tried really hard not to cry...)