Friday, December 10, 2010

Quinn's Birthday

Sadly, I did not get a ton of pictures from Quinn's birthday. It's kind of tough when you are the hostess.

We had a how to train your dragon birthday theme (if you don't remember, that was the very first movie he ever saw in a theater, and he still loves it). I loved it too.

Uncle Marshall made the most amazing cake with a huge Toothless (the dragon) on top.

Yummy and oh so exciting. Quinn loved it. Thanks Marshall.

So we had a whole bunch of stuff. Food of course, then we turned the kids into dragon trainers by putting tattoos on their arms. The first thing they had to learn was how to knock dragons out of the sky (balloons tapped to the ceiling). We tried to do this with little Frisbees, but that didn't work so well so we grabbed some Nerf swords and let the kids go at it. Then they had to tame their dragon by stomping on its tail. Each child had a balloon on a string attached to their waist and their trainer had to pop the balloon to subdue them. Who knew those balloons would be so hard to pop.

We had a pinata, the cake, and then all the kids wanted to go outside and play soccer. We didn't even get a chance to open the presents!!! Seems like everyone had a good time. I wonder how next year will go.

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