Friday, December 10, 2010


Here's grandpa with miss Haley on Halloween.

Little monkey Joey.

Grandpa Alan joined us again this year. The kids just love having him, and Mary was over the moon that Grandpa was a ninja too.
Look at these posses.

Grandpa Dan, Daddy, and Quinn. We were really excited to have both grandpas this year.

We are very lucky that the town we live near shuts down for the day, closes off the main road, and the shops hand out candy.
It's really great, it takes maybe a half hour to get through all the stores (just the right amount to time for pregnant mommies and little kids). It's safe and the kids don't get too much candy. I love it.
Grandma came too. What lucky kids to have such involved grandparents. I hope Quinn appreciates how lucky he is.

This guy is amazing, he was there last year too! I can't imagine how much that suit must have been, I'm glad he comes out to share it with the kids.

A project from his preschool. I love it.

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