Thursday, January 04, 2007

Closer to home

We have moved back to Providence Hospital where the studies have begun to repair Quinn's stomach problems.

His first day in Providence was eventful and pretty much forgettable. Quinn performed a second self extraction of his nasal feeding tube (the one shown in the previous post) the first night there. And the tube penetrating into the side of his abdomen was found to have worked it's way out of his stomach at some point as well. Doctors discovered this by running the barium liquid through that particular tube to follow his digestive flow with x-ray. The barium chemical didn't go into his stomach however. It was instead pushed into his abdomen tissues, which causes a painful reaction. Quinn quickly became livid. Steph and I were told to watch him closely, as the barium chemical could cause infection being outside of his digestive system, and flowing freely throughout his abdomen. If he is in considerable pain for more than a day, it would likely mean infection. Quinn cried hard and flailed for hours, but thankfully he appears to have avoided an infection. The tube in his side, discovered useless, was removed leaving him with only IV fluids to maintain him until he could somehow be fed again.
After some additional X-rays and discussions among the doctors, it was decided to try feeding Quinn by mouth in very small amounts to see how he handles it.

He drinks less than a tablespoon of milk every three hours. If he shows he can handle the milk, his doses will increase until he is eating enough to fuel a healthy growing baby. That is the best case scenario. For now, it is a little milk, and IV supplements. He is taking his time getting use to a bottle. He sucks on it, but seems surprised that milk appears in his mouth. He contemplates before each swallow.

The staff here also has no luck getting new lines into Quinn, but like in Boston, it doesn't keep the staff from trying.

If only he had bigger veins. I still grit my teeth a little watching him get stuck for the ten billionth time, hoping they'll get it in successfully. I have yet to see a successful attempt. I must be bad luck Quinn.

I am back to working a full five days a week, and I'm certain I won't have as much time to update this as I have in the past. Now begins the job of having a newborn and needing my own sleep so I can work. No more waiting until everyone is asleep so I can grab a computer and type away. This is a subtle hint Steph, ye' who seldom updates anymore. I will never get over the way so many people have come to follow my sons progress and try to ease the emotional burden for my family. I should mention the help with financial burden as well. It's a bit of an odd feeling for me trying to accept money from people, especially one's we don't really know. But whatever doesn't go to the hospital bills, Quinn has a college fund started. I can't thank you all enough. It has surprised me at how much I truly appreciate such enormous and selfless support.

That's quite an impressive fan base you got there young man.


Pop said...

LOVE you, OH Mighty Quinn. Can't wait until you come home! He is handsome!!! Good job Steph!!! :-)


Aunt Nik said...

Yay!! Minjoang mwehu, Quinn! I'm finally the first one on here to say good morning to you, young man! It is a blessed day to be able to look at your face! I am so glad to hear you are closer to home..each day is just one step closer to you going home with mom&dad! I am just amazed at your strength and ability to get beyond the so many complications that have come your way! Kudos to your mom&dad, too! They've been such an example on how to stay strong thru adversity. You'd be proud!!

Yes, God hears our prayers; the spoken and silent ones! for "His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches you and me"

Love you so much! Nik

P. S. Well, I started out to be the first, but you grampa posted before I was done!

Lily's Mommy said...

So glad to hear that you got to go back to Providence. And I know you really want be free, but how 'bout if you leave your tubes alone for a couple of days, what do you say?? I know you still have a long road ahead of you, but it feels like such a big step forward to have you back in RI, and we're so glad to hear it.
Much love,
Kelly & Shawn

Anonymous said...

How absolutely beautiful you are, Quinn!! You are certainly going to give cousins Mary and Makhaila a run for their money in the looks department!! And I was going to start calling you Wiry, but you seem to have eliminated that part of your "anatomy" - guess I'll have to stick with "Quinn"!!! Dan & Steph, I know you are only doing what you have to do, but you just astound me with your maturity and wisdom. I guess it's true what they say - every cloud has a silver lining - because I have watched you grow in strength and wisdom and understanding as this ordeal has gone on. I am so proud of you both. So get that little one home so I can hug you all, already!!!! Lots of love and warmest wishes for a WONDERFUL new year, Joanne

Jess said...

What a beautiful sight, to see Quinn sitting in a car seat and drinking from a bottle. I'm so happy that you guys are one step closer to home but I know you still have a long road ahead. Quinn will figure out the bottle, I know. I think he's proved what a fighter he is, so maybe when he realizes that bottles equal no tubes, IVs, or other methods of baby torture, he'll be on the right track. I miss you all! Dan, I'm sorry you have to go back to work full time, but maybe that's just part of you being one step closer to home. Hang in there, I'm proud of you guys!
Love, jess

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home to a point Quinn. At least you are in the state!!! You look great in that car seat and eating from that bottle. I think about you often and so does my family.

Good Luck in Providence

Anonymous said...

I’ve got to tell you Quinn, seeing the picture of them putting that IV into your noggin gives me the willies. That has go to hurt. That being said, you’re looking mighty good my friend. It is good to know you are closer to home and at least an hour closer when I come up to visit.

I’ll see you soon. Keep getting better and stronger.

Grandpa Dan

kristin said...

We've all been spoiled by the detailed posts you both have been kind enough to share with us. I don't think most other families in this situation would be getting such information. Besides knowing what is going on with Quinn's health, the posts have helped us all feel a little bit closer to you. Whether we're in the same state, or on the other side of the world.

I'm sure I speak for many when I say how greatful I am for these posts. And I understand that they won't be coming as frequently. When either of you have time, just drop in when you can to let us know all is well.

I love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi! Hope this comment gets through. I've posted like three but haven't seen them so don't think I don't care 'bout ya'll. This is Nina from Georgia wanting to say I'm so thankful for the good news. Can't wait for Quinn to come home so Aunt Marki can have three grandchildren to spoil and I have more cute babies in the family to boast to my friends.

Y'all take care now!


Melissa P said...

Hey--he looks pretty good riding in a car seat!! I am glad that you guys get to be closer to home. I love it when the news is good.
We really hope that he can start getting more and more milk over the next few days.

Anonymous said...

Quinn, I'm sure you are not going to remember this so I'll document it for you. Grandpa Dan had his first chance to feed you on Friday, Jan. 6, 2007. Your mom had something to do, so I figured I would try to get the hang of the bottle thing. Let me tell you young man, it’s going to take more practice on my part to get it down to a science.

You started off good, but at about half way through the bottle, or 7 mL, you were finished. You still had more left in the bottle, so I waited for about 1/2 hour and tried again. For the whole 1/2 hour, you were not a happy fellow. Waa, Waa, Waa, was all you were going to say. After a while, it started to get a rhythm to it. In fact, I chimed in. We were a duet. Waa, Waa, Waa. You did the alto and I did the bass. I’m not sure what the nurse was thinking, but, she didn’t insist that I leave, so I guess she was OK with it.

You must have been pretty upset, because you decided to standup. It was one of those attempts at burping you, but somehow you got on your feet and would not sit. So I just let you stand and wear yourself out. You have definitely gained some strength. And some weight. In fact the nurse had to cut the name tag off of your ankle because it was too tight, due to the weight you have gained.

I must say I enjoyed the time we spent together, we’ll have to do it again. Maybe the next time all those wires and tubes won’t be in the way. Then you can really stand and bounce around.

See you soon.
With Love
Grandpa Dan

kristin said...

I hope Steph doesn't mind, but I just got some exciting news from her that I thought others might want to celebrate, too!

She told me that the nurses have given her the go-ahead to breastfeed Quinn basically whenever he wants. I don't really know more than that, but I'm so excited to hear that Quinn is finally getting his milk direct-from-the-source. (And that Steph has gotten a reprieve from pumping!!!)

It seems that every time Quinn is facing more tests, problems or procedures, he pulls-off a miracle and surprises us all. Keep going buddy...