Monday, January 29, 2007

No worries

One of the things I've learned about infants, being around so many over the past few months, is how resilient they are. They are too young to learn any fear or anxiety. They live in the moment every second of the day, and the tough times pass for them without a second thought. And as far as Quinn and all these needles go, I am very thankful for that. Besides, it's always nice to be able to brag about your kid. My son, you are a fearless little man. You make your dad proud.
Quinn had the line in his chest removed on recommendation from the cardiologist. Antibiotics injected so close to the heart could cause damage. So his meds come through the various IV's he's had. And this little man's luck remains terrible with the IV's. It takes days of poking and tweaking to successfully get one in, and they sometimes last for only a day or two. His last IV in the hand worked it's way out after just one day.

Without a line for the meds, he gets the shot in the thigh which gives him a burning muscle soreness. Then it's back to getting repeatedly stuck to get another IV in. And being the fearless little man that he is, he's always pleasant and cooperative with the IV teams right up to the point where it hurts.
Steph has been doing some belly massages to help Quinn with the stomach pains, and it works wonders. I knew she'd be a great mother.

Quinn's smile is the most infectious thing I've ever seen. Nothing like seeing it after a long day.
Getting him to gain weight is still a big focus for Steph and I. Some days he gains, some days he loses. At over two months old, he still weighs about 7 and a half pounds. At the hospital he is faced with a lot of distractions, but once we get him home he can eat and sleep all he wants. The old adage "No pain no gain" doesn't apply right now. Pain is the last thing this kid needs.
So far, the indications are that he never had an infection. The bacteria that showed up in his spinal tap were bacteria associated with the digestive system. Speculation is that the sample became contaminated during the spinal tap. But like I mentioned earlier, this is a lengthy and thorough precaution. In a few days he will be completed with the treatment, and on his way home again. Looking forward to that. Posting has become harder to do these past few weeks, but I thank every one of you who has followed my family and had us in your thoughts and prayers. I take effort to not single you all out and thank you individually on this blog. Just know I appreciate it and think about you in return.


kristin said...

To know that my nephew will be on his way home again soon, and to see those pictures with his million dollar smile...well, what more does an Auntie need?

I really don't know what else to say. Those pictures of Quinn smiling at his mommy have left me speechless. Thanks!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so thankful for an update, and especially to read that apparently there is no infection. I so want that little body to be left alone, to be given only gentle touches and caresses. Steph, the pictures of you with Quinn are just beautiful. The love in that little boy's eyes as he looks into yours, and the love you return, is beautiful to see. Thank you for sharing them, Dan. I keep praying that God restores that little body to the perfect order He created it to have. I won't stop.

I'm thinking of you all so often throughout each day, always with prayers and love,
Mrs. Cherry

Lily's Mommy said...

What a beautiful smile!! It makes my heart lighter to see it. I have been thinking of you and Quinn and praying that this was not a serious set back. I'm so relieved to hear that it's not! Can't wait to see you all at home again.
PS. Dan - you continue to do an amazing job of updating the blog and filling everyone in. Thank you for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I taught Auntie Kristin to express herself well, didn't I?!?! Well said, baby girl. Your little nephew is so incredibly blessed. Dan & Steph - a million thanks for posting these pictures. How stunningly beautiful. Those smiles - on Quinn AND Steph - put the beauty of a sunrise to shame. Love to all, Joanne

Jess said...

Hey, so glad to hear some good news. I was starting to get worried at the silence, but the pictures fill in the gaps nicely. I'm psyched that you'll be heading home and I hope that I can come visit the little man somewhere other than a hospital. I'll be in town this weekend so hopefully we'll connect. You are a beautiful family!

Aunt Nik said...

Alleluia! Quinn's going home; and this time it's for good! Let the doctors and nurses keep their needles to themselves!

Steph, that shared smile between the two of you is worth more than a million dollars! Just melts my heart!

Dan, you continue to amaze me..for your beautiful writings, the pictures, your strength thru all this, the incredible love you have for your wife and child, etc. etc! THAT'S THE WAY IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE!


Anonymous said...


Pop and Kim said...

The best smile ever!!!!!!! I can't wait to have you out of the hospital and home where you belong. We love you so much Quinn! No one can look at that smile and not feel peace. Good mom Steph (and of course Dan, the greatest Pop). What an inspiration you three have been!!! I got to hold you (Quinn) for hours last weekend. Peace in my heart.
Love you three. Soon to be home! Mighty Quinn, your legend grows.

Anonymous said...

That smile is infectious. To think that you can still smile after all that has been done to you. Mighty Quinn keep staying strong and eat eat eat!!!!


AndreaMarieR said...

I just wanted to say I can't wait for you guys to be home again and that the pictures of Quinn smiling are just priceless. I think he liked those belly massages :0)


jane kish said...

What beautiful pictures! All that love!

Anonymous said...

Quinn your smile is priceless and mommy must give great belly massages. I am glad you are almost home bound.

Anonymous said...

Just seeing that little boy smile is worth everything! And the way he looks at his mom--well, it brings tears of happiness. Little guy, when you get home, your mom and dad are going to pamper you like no other kid has ever been, and you deserve it! I know some grown-ups who could learn lessons in determination and resiliency from you! Keep holding on, Quinn--and watch your mail for a little thank you from us!
Lou and Stevedtfouk

Anonymous said...

Hey Mighty Quinn the web counter hit the big 10,036 for such a little guy, you have done big things for all of us, "little people" your not even 2 in half months old!! and you have shown so many what LOVE can do , your Mom and Dad proved to the WORLD that LOVE can heal ,and restored faith in to so many . THANK YOU !!! Continue to grow big and strong !!!

Anonymous said...

Quinn, So happy to hear you are doing better. those prayers are all being answered my new little friend! I hope you have sweet dreams tonight. Continue to melt our hearts with that beautiful smile of yours. You are truly a little champ. Keep showing us your strength buddy. You are a true testament that there are miracles that happen everyday. You are so special and I can't wait to meet you someday. Peace and Blessings Little Prince. Love Maria

Pop said...

Quinn is on his way home with Mom and Dad as I write this. No needles, no wires, no IVs, just Quinn wrapped in a blanket...going home. Stay healthy Mighty Quinn, gain weight, and enjoy some of the finer things in life. Enough cutting, needles, and pain. We love you so much Quinn.
Thank you Lord for prayers answered.
Pop and Kim

Nicki said...

Steph & Dan,
You probably don't remember me, but we went to high school together- Kristin forwarded me your blog. I just wanted to tell you how amazed I am at your strength through all of this (all 3 of you!!!) I don't think I could handle this as eloquently as you both have.
Steph- aren't those first smiles from your own child so amazing? I've just been reminded of that myself when my own daughter smiled for the first time recently.

Everyone is pulling for you Quinn... you are an amazing little boy!!

Take care,
Nicki (Cross) Henry

kristin said...

Sleep well tonight, Mighty Quinn. Home at last with Mom & Dad. Snuggle-in to your own bed and dream whatever dreams you dream that your Dad says put those amazing smiles on your face while you sleep.

At last everything is as it should be. Sweet dreams, little man.

Aunt Kristin

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan and Steph and the Mighty Quinn ,

Linda and I have been following the progress of Quinn everyday. We hope and pray everything turns out great for the little guy. We love his smile. You and Quinn are in our prayers always. Best wishes on his full recovery he is a real fighter. Keep the faith. You guys are wonderful parents, I can not get over you strength and wisdom love and devotion you have shown for 1st time parents. Hold in there it will only get better...the best is yet to come!!!

Your family from Seattle.
Linda and Larry

Anonymous said...

Dear Steph and Dan,

I am praying that the week has gone well and that Quinn is doing much better. You are never far from my thoughts and prayers,

with love,
Mrs. Cherry