Thursday, January 11, 2007

No news is good news

Old and tired dad checking back in to let you all know that Quinn is doing just fine. This is a quick update for the folks who have been routinely checking.

Quinn's last task for the doctors is to show that he can eat and continue to gain weight. Now that he's got himself a working digestive system, this one seems a cake walk for him. Steph is by his bedside 24 hrs a day with doctors orders to feed him whenever he is hungry. The breastfeeding has gone great. If mom were a gas station, Quinn would be the high powered sports car. Doing donuts in his diaper.
He has one IV remaining in his arm. If all goes well tomorrow, it will come out as he is discharged and sent home.

He'll find out the world extends beyond the inside of a hospital. And mom and dad will find out there's no more nurse call button. Trained and paid professionals to help with the diaper changing among all others. I wonder who's gonna be changing the kid now.
To be continued...


Anonymous said...

This is really good news. I hope and pray that all goes well and maybe Jean and I will see you three at home in a short while.

You two have been great through this whole thing. As for Quinn, he is wonderful.

Grandpa Dan

Anonymous said...

My dear Steph and Dan,

This is THE MOST WONDERFUL news! Thank you, God . . . thank you, God . . . Thank you, God. I've been checking in here several times each day and holding my breath. (You can pray while not breathing!)Aimee told me she talked to you, Steph, and that you now sound like the tired Mommy of a "normal" baby. Isn't that just the best . . .

I'm going to keep on praying.

Quinn is absolutely beautiful.

With my love,
Mrs. Cherry

Pop said...

Is it just me or is Quinn getting more handsome every day???
Life has been anything but normal since early in the morning of the 22nd of Nov 06. Thanks to God that Quinn will only know of this through the stories and this blog site. It causes emotions that are hard to put into words remembering back at the scared days and now looking forward to Quinn going home. What a ride huh???!!!??
Support from family is expected, but the support from all the many, many other people has proven that love, caring, and goodness are still out there, alive and well. Thanks to all those folks for their wonderful support.
Steph and Dan,
You have been the best parents through this and some day Quinn will be old enough to truely understand that he picked really great parents. Love you all three.

Pop and Kim

Anonymous said...

What great news!!! I am so happy to hear that Quinn is on his way. I agree Quinn keeps getting more handsome as each day goes by. Watch out ladies! Boy are you guys going to have your hands full when he starts dating :)

love Suzanne

Anonymous said...

I am at a loss for words. Me. Imagine! Home! Now you get to experience the life of "normal" new parents!! And, um, Dan - PLEASE don't tell me you haven't changed his diaper yet?!?!? I'm sure your big brother will give you lessons! One more thing - since you're on your way home - if the Pats make it to the superbowl, there's a party with a 42" screen LCD TV at our house - be there or be square!! (I'll understand if you want to keep Quinn away from "winter germs" - just know you're invited!) (Guess I wasn't at a loss for words after all!)
Love, love and more love,
Joanne & Pete

Anonymous said...

The good news just keeps getting better and better! Miracles still occur in these days!, and Mighty Quinn just proves that over and over! I am so glad to hear you are finally going home! Yeah Dan, I'm sure Joe and Tony will tell you that changing a diaper is a 'piece o' cake'!

Hoping to see you all soon.
Love, Nik

Anonymous said...

There is no place like place like home....

Quinn I am smiling from ear to ear right now on the news of you going home. You are alittle miracle and everyone knows that.

Can't wait to meet you in person.

Love Erin

kristin said...

" more...trained and paid professionals to help."

It must be a little scary to think about being home and not having the hospital staff there to help you. Just know that there are others out there like me always willing to give advice or help in any way we can. Alot of us are trained, and paid in love (much more valuable than money if you ask me.)

Mary didn't go through anything like what Quinn has, but if you ever have a question about colic, poop, vomit, rashes, fever, spit-up, sleep, no sleep, baths, crying, screaming, coughing, asthma, stuffy nose, boogers or ear wax, I'm your girl. Ask away.

Love you guys and so happy for you all.

Jess said...

What a handsome man! Where does that come from Dan? Must be Steph's side of the family! Glad to hear you guys are doing well and that the next time I come visit, I'll get to hold the superstar. I think he's had enough excitement in his short life to last for a while, so a quiet first winter at home should be just the ticket. Can't wait to see you!
Love, jess