Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My wish for you

I wish for you to spend the next few months chillin, relaxin, and putting on weight. Quinn is visited twice a week by an in home nurse who weighs him to ensure he can eat right and gain weight.

As my father mentioned earlier in his comment:
The celebration will be at the First United Methodist Church at 23 Willow Street in Mystic, CT on Saturday the 27th at 1 P.M. This will be "pot luck" so please bring something to share.
If you can make it, my family and I are looking forward to seeing you. Quinn enjoys meeting new faces. We have been advised by the nurse that he has a somewhat compromised immune system that is still strengthening, and I would be beside myself if he got sick because mom and dad threw him a celebration. So I have to make the rule, no coughing on the baby.
Being at home with him is fantastic by the way. I've never spent so much time smiling.


GoQuinnGo! said...

Quinn! Welcome home.

Love Uncle Joe

Anonymous said...


Love, Aunt Nik

pop said...

Mega Dittos.

Rush Limb......ah, Pop

Lily's Mommy said...

Welcome home, little man! We're so relieved to hear it. Can't wait to meet you, whenever we get that chance.
Much love,
Kelly, Shawn & Lily

Vicki said...

Hi Marshall Family,
It is so great to see answered prayers in progress, I have been praying and keeping up on this site, thanks for keeping us in touch. Im so glad your at home, and Quinn is just precious, I wish I was closer so I could meet him in person, so give him big hugs from me.
Love, Vicki(Memaw)
(Tiffani Cisneros Mom)