Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Wish for You

I wrote this letter to Quinn 2 weeks before I had him with the intention of posting it the day he was born. I didn't feel that it was appropriate to post this before. But now I'd like to share this with my son.

You're not born yet, but sitting here imagining about all the things you will face in your life leaves me thinking about everything that I wish for you. Of course the biggest wish that I have for you is a happy and healthy life. But there is so much that goes into achieving that life. I wish you a gentle heart and spirit like your father. He is so good at seeing the best in people. I also hope that you are able to learn from him how to let people be who they are without judging them or trying to change them. Even if you think you know what's best for people they tend to find their own way in life. Everyone has value, even if we can't quite understand what it is. I wish you enough self confidence and determination to achieve what you want to in life, but enough humility to keep you grounded. I wish you just enough heartache and tough times to teach you to value life and how to live it well, but no more than that. I wish you a sense of responsibility, but not so much that you hurt yourself trying to do everything for everyone. I wish you a good head on your shoulders so that people are unable to take advantage of you and you can keep yourself safe. I hope that you are good with money, however, remember it is just money and don't let it get in the way of friendships. Be true to yourself. The biggest regrets that I have in life are not the things I didn't do, but the one's that I did against my character. I wish you strength to overcome all obstacles and endure hard times. Remember life is constantly changing. I wish you a love of traveling so you are able to truly understand the things happening in world. Finally, I wish you faith, in yourself and God, he will get you through things when nothing else will (how true that statement turned out to be). I hope you always know that your father and I love you very much and that you have always been wanted. We understand that you will make mistakes in life and we won't always see eye to eye on everything, but please understand you can always come and talk to us and we will listen. I love you so much and I can't wait to be a part of your life. I hope I can be a good mother for you.


Anonymous said...


I almost don't feel right posting a comment. That letter was intended for Quinn. But I wanted to comment on your last line, "I hope I can be a good mother for you."

The first word that comes to mind when I think about the attitude that mothers must have, it's selflessness. From the moment I knew you were pregnant, I saw you give yourself completely to this child. From your positive mindset to your eating habits, you nurtured Quinn as well as any expectant mother could. Since Quinn was born, you have given everything you have and more to his recovery in both body and spirit.

Quinn can't tell you himself just yet how good of a mother you are, but it is obvious to the rest of us. Quinn is a very lucky child to have you for his mother.


Pop said...


You are one fortumate Dude to have Steph as a mom. The note to your mom below is so you know just how impressed we all are with your mom.

You continue to impress me as a person, mother, and daughter-in-law. Your courage, positive attitude, faith, and often times sense of humor has been inspirational. The first day of Quinn's life, when you and I spent the day together, I knew then that Quinn had a true winner of a mom in his corner. You have given me a special gift in more ways than one. Thanks Steph.


pop said...

Fortunate (Dang it)

Anonymous said...

Steph, I feel that you have written what every good mother feels when carrying a baby. I am so pleased to know how you feel. I haven't met you, but I believe I know just what a super mom you will be (and are)for Quinn! In a way, you remind me of your mother-in-law; she will sacrifice her all as long as she believes she is doing the best for her children, but then I don't think I need to tell you that! Dan turned out to be a pretty special young man and I know that the two of you together will be great parents! I can't wait to meet you; it seems like I'm the only one out of the whole Jack clan who hasn't! By the way, I enjoyed the stories of your trip out there during Kristin's and Joe's wedding! Sounded like you had a lot of fun! Take good care of your family. Nothing else matters as much!

Love, Nik

Anonymous said...

Dear Steph

I know I don't have to tell you how proud of you I am and how impressed I am with Dan. It pleases me to know that in some small way I contributed to this success in your life. You and I have spent many hours helping each other get through the tough times, and I know that this has prepared you to help Quinn through his tough times; there are many more to come.

Quinn is doubly blessed; he has both you and Dan as parents. Dan has impressed me immensely over the past months. He is a mature, capable, caring young man, and a wonderful father. I can’t ask for more from a son-in-law. I see the love in his eyes when he looks at you, I hear the patience in his voice when he talks to you and the wisdom in his actions when he acts to protect you. A father can’t ask for more than that.

You were right when you told me I didn’t really know Dan. I didn’t see how much he cares. I’ll try to know him more in the future.

As for Quinn, I am so looking forward to seeing him grow and become the best of his mother and father. I am looking forward to playing with him and sharing my work shop with him. His life started with great challenges that he, with the help of those that love him, has overcome. His future challenges should be met in the same way, which the help of those that love him. Never hesitate to ask us for help and advice. It is what god intended that grandparents do; enrich the circle of life, keep the child safe, make the world a better place to live.

I love you very much and wish You, Dan and Quinn all the best. Teach my grandson to love the simple things in life and to dream big dreams. Teach him patience with himself and love for others. And despite what the news projects, it is a wonderful world to live in and many wonder people to share it with.

I love you more than I can say.
Your Father

Lily's Mommy said...

I know when you wrote this letter you couldn't have known how quickly you would become not just a good mother, but the best mommy that Quinn could have asked for. But you managed to put into words that beautiful, fleeting time just before motherhood, and I thank you for that. Good luck to all three of you as you begin your new life as a family, at home, where you belong. Let us know if you need anything. And keep posting pictures of that handsome boy!!