Friday, August 24, 2007


Quinn has finally found buttons. I know all little kids are drawn to electronics, in particular TV and remote control buttons. I think however this is my fault. Notice the placement of the box he's balancing on. Yeah, smart mom.

Quinn is getting very stable on his feet. Thank you auntie Kristin for the box.

Quinn is getting a little more mobile. He's rolling. All of the stacked objects are my attempt to entice him to move.

I spoke with Dan last night. He's getting pretty homesick and never wants to eat curry again. But he's doing well. Keeping his spirits up.


GoQuinnGo! said...

Nice job with those towers, Steph. Especially the mega blocks tower. I give you an "A".

Auntie Kristin

Anonymous said...

I personally enjoy the green tea tower, every Prince and Princess's dream! Alright Quinn, rock and roll time. Dan, I miss you! I love all of you...
Auntie Karra