Saturday, August 11, 2007

Little thrill seeker

So I think Quinn is going to love roller coasters. He loves it when he's in his swing and I make it go faster and higher then it normally swings. Don't worry, baby swings can't go too fast or high even when pushed.

My cousin had her baby on Thursday. Welcome Samuel Robert Heine.

Interestingly, they are in the same room that Dan and I delivered Quinn. It's fun to see how it's normally done. I guess they have a bunch of videos they have to watch regarding the baby. Caring for newborns, etc. They come on every night. One at 7p and I don't know about the other. They got a little congratulatory dinner for the two of them. So sweet. Anyway, now Quinn has another little boy in the family to reek havoc with. I figure in two years when Sam can walk and talk and Quinn is three we are in big trouble.

Dan look what Marshall did to his arm.

Two days later.

Finally. Quinn has decided he's still not really into crawling, what he likes to do is 360's. Check it out.


Toby said...

He is getting so big! I love the pivot 360's. Where is Dan off to this time? I will give you a call this week, perhaps we can do dinner again?

Robin & Steve said...

Hi Steph! OK, so now we're hanging in limbo---what did Marshall do to get such a bruise??? And I hope that boy went to the doctor!!!!!

kristin said...

I think Marshall was lifting something heavy, and his arm muscles didn't like it. I think he called it a bruised mucsle? His doctor is keeping him out of work for a couple of weeks while it heals.