Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Growing and .... growling??

Quinn is now 16lbs 4 oz, which is great. If he can gain a pound a month we will reach 20 pounds by the time he's one, yay. His birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year. That should be fun. Maybe instead of dressing up for Halloween this year, we'll dress up for Thanksgiving. I'll make him a turkey.

Speaking of growing, check out these cheeks. He totally knows what the camera is all about now. He looks right at it anytime I pull it out.

I finally got a picture of the teeth

Quinn and Nohno hanging out in there matching shirts.

Quinn loves the fish on his bouncer, but like our friend Robbin he has been climbing out of the chair part so this is how we us it now.

OK, on to the growling part. This just started today.

I heard from Dan today. So that was very nice. He's doing really well.


GoQuinnGo! said...

Hey Dan, if you read this, Steph & Quinn had two dinner invitations tonight. Steph actually got to chose what home-cooked meal to have tonight. Personally, I would have chosen Karra's enchiladas over my hamburger helper, but I enjoyed the company so I'm not complaining.
Don't worry - we're all looking after your family. Can't wait till you're back home though.


pop said...

I think these are the first pictures I have seen of Quinn standing, abeit with the help of the seat. It won't be long now and he'll move faster than you can imagine. Zoom zoom zoom.

Love from Pop and Kim

A&J Bariso said...

Too cute Quinn!!!!!Isabelle smiles at his pictures, she is such a flirt.
By the way, we love his Llama.
Isabelle has a toy Llama, she got in from her aunt in Peru.
Hope all is well

Anonymous said...

I can't believe those cheeks! He didn't have those when you visited a few weeks ago. Life must be very good for our Quinn. He looks fantastic. As for that growling, it's a good skill to have! How often have YOU had the urge to growl at someone??

Take good care of yourself, too, Steph.

With love,
Mrs. Cherry