Friday, August 03, 2007

Traveling tonight on a plane

Dad is gone again, and this time it will be for a while. Hopefully mom will update often like she did the last time I left. I'm in JFK airport with a three hour layover. But with my cell phone pictures and laptop to keep me busy, I thought I'd do a little update. This picture makes a great cell phone background.

I like this picture a lot. It shows my two favorite people, and my son is glowing.

Right as Steph dropped me off at 4:30 am at the airport I took this picture. I didn't want to wake the little man, but I know that when I get back he will look different. He will have grown, and I only hope he will remember me and I won't be too strange.

I mentioned to my dad how much I hate leaving this kid, and how bad it must have felt all those times he had to deploy away from his kids. Pop's only advice, and he's right, is to put it out of your mind before you get too down about it. That's all there is to do pretty much, but man I'm gonna miss seeing him. (Miss you too babe, but the submarine life prepared us better) Every day he sees me walk in the door from work, he smiles so big his mouth opens wide and he spazzes. And I always laugh. It's fantastic. Some days I come home whipped, and he'll just put the wind right back in my sail. Not to brag, but I think he's one heck of a gift. Certainly to me. Don't know how often I'll have access to see this blog, but the updates mean much to me honey. I'll talk to you soon, have fun, and I love you.


Pop said...

Stay Safe Dan. We love you.

Pop and Kim

Dad said...

I'm here safe. No phone yet. Saw a bit of the Arab world, and now I'm in Buddhist country. So far so interesting. Even exciting. The people are great. Love you guys.