Monday, August 06, 2007

Hi daddy, we miss you!!!

Hey honey, thank you for letting us know you got there safely. Please take care of yourself.

So I haven't mentioned yet that all the chewing Quinn has been doing has finally payed off. Quinn has two teeth. They started erupting last Monday. First the lower left, then within a day or two the lower right one. They are so cute. I haven't gotten a chance to take a picture yet because the camera won't focus on them.

Quinn is eating big people food. He still loves watermelon. He's had nectarines, puffs, and little chucks of grape. Last Thursday we started with graham crackers. Since then we've had pancakes, pita bread, and toast. For the most part he does really well. We had a couple of serious gagging episodes this weekend, however he dealt with them very well.

We went to New Jersey and New York this weekend to visit relatives and a friend of mine. Of course my camera battery died after 3 pictures. Luckily we were able to get the following photos.

My Uncle makes the most amazing rocking animals for the kids in our family. Quinn got one this weekend. It's a llama, I love it and so does Quinn. He was sleeping when we finally got home on Sunday so he didn't see me bring it into his room. He smiled so big when he finally noticed it. So cute.

It appears that Quinn may crawl after all. He is actually successfully getting on all fours and crawling with a little help. So we'll see, I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Yay big people food! He is looking so healthy and happy. You would never know that he was so sick. Get crawling Quinn and you will get to everything!
Steph & Quinn if you need anything while Dan is gone I can help out.


Dad said...

Two teeth and he's crawling. That didn't take long after I left. Sorry I don't have a phone here babe. I will talk to you soon. I'm OK. Love you guys.