Monday, September 03, 2007

Big boy pants

OK, this post is all about the pictures. Someone gave us this outfit for my baby shower and Quinn just looked so cute in it I couldn't help take tons of pictures.
In fact, the shirt says I'm cute.

Quinn loves his outfit too.

Also, I just received an e-mail from Dan. He says hi to everyone and that he's doing well. Talk to you all soon.


Anonymous said...

Once again, you are getting cuter and cuter in every photo shoot - much much cuter than your daddy:>), right Steph? Isn't he just gorgeous?. Hope this note finds you all in good health. Hope to see you all again someday.

Nohno Mer

Kristin said...

This is quickly turning into "Quinn's Blog Featuring Aunt Kristin."

Steph, let's get some pictures of YOU with Quinn next time I see you!

Aunt Kristin

Pop said...

Who's Steph??? HA!!!! Love you all.

Pop and Kim

dad said...

This is so neat having new pictures of such a handsome boy whenever I get internet access. Looking snazzy little man.