Saturday, September 22, 2007

Intertnet access

I have access to internet today, but the only hard drive I have with pictures is my camera itself. Thought I'd say hi to everyone and hope everyone's enjoying their lives and being appreciative of things. I can't wait to get back to real life one day. These pictures that you've put on here honey do a lot to help keep me going. He's growing so fast. Had a bad day the other day when one of our guards stopped at his village to see his 10 month old son. It was on the way of course so his superiors permitted it. So after a brief visit, his dad drove away with us. And I could see that baby started crying his eyes out as we left sight. This was his kid and his dad and their family vehicle.

Anyway, I'm at least glad for the internet and this blog.

This video was a bit of a surprise for me. Things like this actually make for a good cheap thrill. I didn't know what was happening. Without getting specific, choppers in this area don't have a perfect history. Not trying to worry anyone, just setting up as to why this video gave me a bit of a start.

I'll be home soon safe and sound honey. Miss you guys.


POP said...

Stay safe son. We all need you home.


kristin said...

Cool video, Dan! Looks like something out of a video game you & Joe would play.

Mary saw your picture in the post and shouted, "Un-uh Nan!" She was excited to see your picture. Can't wait for you to come home! Hope it's soon.