Sunday, September 16, 2007

Still with it.

So I'm able to load pictures on here, but once I start an upload I watch TV for about 20 minutes for each photo I put on here. At the end of the day I should have a nice group of shots. The way we get around to the different work sites is usually a fun part of the day. The car rides are no fun at all, and I hate being a passenger on these roads. But all the other modes we use are usually pretty interesting.

The towers here are quite tall. They extend right into the stratosphere, and getting to the top takes a while. So one afternoon I'm working up there and up comes this smiling kid with a plastic bag and hands it to me. They don't climb with safety harnesses and they wear flip flops. Anyway, I look in the bag and he had made me lunch and delivered it all the way up to me. Now, I'm not a fish person to begin with. But how do you look at this kid and tell him the food isn't quit to your liking? I wasn't hungry, but I ate it with a smile and made yummy sounds and all. Even took his picture which for some reason, they always thank you for.

These military guys who work with us are great. As long as I don't leave the sight of the armed guards, they let me do pretty much whatever I want.

I take their bikes for a spin every once in a while. And what a blast that is. I don't know how I'll feel looking back on this trip when it's over. I hope since I'm smiling so much in all my photos, I'll remember more of the good over the bad. I'll just say that for now, when it's good it's just ok. But when thing's get bad, the days seem to take forever. It'll be nice to see everyone when I get back. I bought Quinn a shirt when I first got here, but he might outgrow it before I can give it to him.


Pop said...

Yup, just your ordinary, gun slinging, army guarded day 300 ft in the air...goofing around and letting go and testing the safety harness....WHICH I"M SURE HAS BEEN WEIGHT TESTED!!! Between you and the Mighty Quinn....Pop's heart is popping.
Steph, nice normal life with Dan so far huh??? LOL. Normal Marshall Kim has learned.
Dan, Stay safe.
Love you all,
Pop and Kim

Anonymous said...

Hi my bruda,

It's great to see pictures of you and know you are still goofy as ever, regardless. I miss you mucho and can't wait for you to come home. I think about you a lot and say my little bits of "please keep him safe's."

Love you,

Steph and Dan said...

Honey, I am so proud of you for eating that fish. I love that you are considerate of other peoples feelings and impressions.