Friday, September 07, 2007

Auntie influence

So we are going to try to swing this back to being marshallbaby blog spot staring Karra.
So auntie Karra bought Quinn his first baseball cap. I know Dan would approve. Sorry Aimee.

Too cute.

Ignore the laundry. It's all folded and gone. Kristin was correct though. Here's a picture of Quinn and I.


Aunt Kristin said...

I suppose I don't mind sharing blog time with Karra.

I couldn't help but notice the nice piece of duck tape sealing-shut your tv cabinet doors. Is someone starting to explore?!? Ahh...the fun begins.

I have cabinet latches - remind me to give you some the next time I see you!

Anonymous said...

He's just so cute!!! I love it!

Auntie Karra

Anonymous said...

Red Sox huh...I guess that will have to do. YAY Auntie Karra and Quinn Time!


Katie said...

Go Sox! Go Quinn!