Saturday, September 15, 2007

We are family?

I don't know. Looks to me like they could siblings. I guess the Marshall genes are stronger than the Shaw/Pantalone genes. Although, one of these posts I am going to put up a baby picture of me. Till then, this is what you get. Take care everyone.


Dad said...

I'm back safe at a nice hotel in one of the major cities honey. Back in touch with my suit case again. You never had a soothing hot shower until you've been stranded and worked in the same outfit for four days. This whole traveling light thing is not paying off for me. I'll call you today. Quinn is looking good as ever.

Dad said...

Honey, sorry I haven't called today. It's tough not having a phone at my disposal. I know it's two comments in a row but, just wanted to say how much I love seeing these pictures. I'm staring into this kids eyes, and I still can't believe what you and I have created. There's no getting the smile off my face whenever I look at his photos. Seeing his younger pictures really shows how much he has grown. I'll never forget his first Christmas. Down town Boston. You and I alone eating seven eleven's soup and sandwich. Trying to give our minds a break from what was happening. And again on new years. I'm thinking of then and looking at him now. Time is flying babe. Just not right now while I'm over here. We have one hell of a handsome blessing there. A surviver and dad's hero of all time. I'll see you two soon.