Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The many costumes of Quinn

After Quinn got into the paper towels we thought maybe he'd like to be a mummy for Halloween.

But then he caught sight of tombstones I was decorating with and decided they might be pretty cool to wear.

But then auntie Karra and Jeff bought him this great superman costume.

However with out legging we figured it would be a bit to cold.

So, Quinn was a lion for Halloween. Another costume bought by Auntie Karra. Thanks.

There is always something going on in our town. They really do such wonderful things for kids and family's. They had trick-or-treating downtown, along with a parade and a festival of of Jack-o-lanterns. So of course we went. And met cousin Mary there.

Cousin Mary made a very cute lady bug. Quinn was very intrigued. I think I know her. But she looks so different.

Mary was sooooo happy to see Dora the Explorer.

For anyone thinking about putting face paint on a less than one year old. I have to warn you, it's no easy task. But it looks so cute.

I had to put this picture up. It's a transformer.

Hi auntie.

I used the festival of Jack-o-lanterns as a photo op. Heehe.

Quinn and daddy getting ready to go out trick-or-treating for the first time.

The first house Quinn trick-or-treated at. The owner asked us a couple of days ago to make sure we brought him by. She bought him a stuffed football. It was so sweet of her.

My little sister went as red riding hood. Very well done. Why didn't I get a photo of the whole outfit?

I can't eat it yet, but I can certainly play in it. We only had six kids come by so we had a ton of candy left. I was so sad.

Quinn didn't mind at all though.

Sorry, I was so excited about carving pumpkins that I had to show everyone. It has been years since I've been able to do this.

Happy Halloween everyone.


dad said...

What a fantastic update. I never knew you were so talented at carving pumpkins. I loved Quinn's costumes. A lion, and superman. Both symbols of mightiness.

Tracey said...

What an exciting week!! I missed alot while I was away. ;-) I'm all caught up, though!! Cuter than ever...

kristin said...

Great job with the jack-o-lanterns, Steph! Don't feel too bad about not having many trick or treaters come to your house. We only had one! I guess all of the kids in Westerly were in downtown with us! What a great time, huh? Let's do it again next year!