Thursday, October 25, 2007

Markers! Good idea right.......

Quinn enjoys drawing on our couch with grahams crackers. So I thought maybe he would enjoy actual markers. So I went to walmart, bought the washable non-toxic markers, and presented them to my son. The following photos are what ensued.

Did you see paper in any of those pictures? Yeah, maybe we weren't quite ready for this. But he had fun using them as chew toys, drum sticks, and conducting wands. So not a huge loss.
"Wha'cha eatin uncle Marsh?"

The thug in him pops out again, along with his little butt.


Anonymous said...

I want to play too Quinn!!! You look like you had tons of fun with those markers!

Love you mucho,
Auntie Karra

Jessica said...

He looks like he's been beaten! Why did he have to pick purple to color all over himself with?? Too cute. Hope you guys are well--I miss you! Welcome home Dan! I'll be in town on November 3 for a bit, will you be around? Give me a call!