Friday, October 05, 2007

Dancing Baby

So, please keep your thoughts with us on the 12th. Quinn's G-tube scare has not closed. Just as a refresher, that was the tube that went from the outside of his abdomen into his stomach which was removed on Jan. 2. So, on Friday the doctor is going to surgically remove the scare, check the site, and then sew it back up and hope it heals this time. Of course this is nothing compared to what he's used to, however Quinn will still go under anesthesia. So course mommy is nervous.

I just love this picture. He does this a lot. He sits with his ankles crossed and sometimes while he's sitting he picks up his foot and plays with it.

Yesterday we started a music together class. Quinn loves it. He crawls to the teacher, he shakes all the instruments, and watches everyone dance around. It's mainly to help increase the amount of consonant sounds he's making. However, I think it's had another effect. Today for the first time I caught him dancing. Forgive the music. It's the CD from the music together class. They want us to listen at home too.


Anonymous said...

The Miracle Baby is a Dancing Baby!!! Yeah Quinn. You are so handsome.
Auntie Karra

dad said...

Two months, and now he has teeth, can crawl and get around upright, and now he dances. Times flying.

dad said...

I must have watched that dancing video a million times. I love it. He is growing fast. I was going to update but I either don't have time or don't feel up to the task. So I am requesting another update please. I miss you.