Monday, January 10, 2011

Determinaton and support paying off

New day of improvement is in gear. The staff has let Quinn know he is improving to the point of going home soon. He is just about as upbeat as the day we brought him here.

Leads to his heart were pulled today, and with a little reassurance that there would be no needles or cuts, he stayed calm the whole time.

I'm able to relay messages of support and show Quinn the go quinn go pictures, and he is enjoying all the fortunes of support. As are Steph and I. It is hard to see other kids go through this without the support that Quinn has. And it's hard to see the new parents having a tough time dealing with their various experiences here, that clearly don't have the support that my family enjoys. Having such selfless and constant support from friends and family are invaluable when times get tough. And I thank each one of you.


Anonymous said...

We love seeing that beautiful smile and also his winking eye in the 2nd picture! SOOOOOOOOO cute!!! We are proud of you Quinn! You are doing so well and being so brave! We can't wait to see you!
Mrs. McBride & Mrs. Cash & Friends

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

Quinn were you winking at Daddy or Mommy when they took your picture? Soon you can go home and put this visit all behind you!! Rest Quinn and get stronger.

Pop said...

Home soon Quinn. We love you and miss you.
Pop and Grandma Kim

Anonymous said...

What a spirit this little guy has. I am thankful that the hospital staff keeps reassuring him that he is doing really well. With all he has been through, hopefully he will learn how strong he is and what a great effort he is able to make when he really needs to.

I am proud of ALL of you and you are all in my prayers every day,
with love,
Mrs. Cherry

Anonymous said...

Your Mommy called and told me you were on your way home; that is great news. Grandpa Dan and Grandma Jeanie will be up to see you soon. I'm sure you are glad to be going home. Love You.

Anonymous said...

I keep checking for an update. How are you doing?

Mrs. Cherry