Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well that was quick

5 nights in the hospital and we were on our way home. 4 days after the surgery, Quinn was walking around the hospital on his own. Talking, laughing, riding elevators.

The day we were discharged, Quinn thought maybe the other sick kids would want his balloons. He walked room to room and asked complete bed ridden strangers if they would like a balloon. Seeing his thoughtfulness put smiles on other kids faces was a neat thing to witness.

We have been home for about 4 days. Quinn walks with his shoulders hunched forward a bit, and we've asked that he not run or climb on things. Other than that, he's doing whatever the heck he wants and having a good time.
7 days after the surgery. He has to deal with a good bit of itchiness, but it sure could be worse.

Quinns recovery went faster than expected, in part, because he did everything the doctors and nurses asked of him, and took all their instructions as his personal part to getting home sooner. I suspect he will have some memories from this past week stay with him as he grows. I would like him to remember how he overcame a lot of fear and anxiety, because those are lessons you really can't teach.
Steph and I still talk about how fortunate it is to have so many people get behind us during our tough times. We thank everyone.

This was a tricky shot to get on my cellphone camera, Wes is a squirmy guy. But it's from today, the boys watching a movie. Life is grand.


Patrick said...

I am so happy he is headed home now and i can't wait to see him back at the daycare!!! see you soon Quinn!!!

Pop said...

We are so happy for all of you. Love the photo of the three boys together!!!
Pop and Grandama Kim

Katie said...

So nice to see the family home and smiley. Miss you guys and sending you love.

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

Cute how Wes is looking at the Phone I am guessing. That is a great boys picture!!!

Anonymous said...

"Grand" indeed. I am so thankful, and so happy for all of you!

Mrs. Cherry

Anonymous said...

So Happy to see our Petit Prince doing so great what a Awesome kid and now the almighty big brother ! Love to all Jomi and Kathleen

Ps they creche was put away the day Quinn left the hospital ! Bisous from France