Saturday, January 08, 2011

Walking it out

Big day for my family. Quinn has begun walking. All drainage tubes have been removed from his body, and he can eat and drink anything he wants. All this and he's only a few days removed from the surgery.

I was informed by the staff that seeing Quinn walk around for a bit will help determine how much fluid still needed to be drained through those 3 tubes sticking into his chest. And if all looked well, the tubes would be removed. That's the point that I began asking Quinn to be strong and show that he can walk. I had been encouraged to see a seven year old boy walk that day, who had a heart surgery the same day as Quinn. Quinn didn't like the idea of walking, but he did as I asked.

This picture is one of my new all time favorites. How can any father and husband see this and not be inspired. Steph is really one of a kind.

I felt bad as he walked, because my encouragement to him as he took these painful steps seemed to be in contrast to the nurses, who kept asking if he wanted to stop, or sleep more, or walk later. I kept telling him he was strong and could do it. I told him if he completed the walk to the toy box, he could pick out a toy.
He was never interested in any toys, and was done walking once he arrived at this toy box. His only interest was in doing as I said. Extremely proud of him and grateful that he complies.

Done walking.

I carried him back to his bed and he layed there looking pretty wiped.

Hope this video works. May want to turn the volume down. Quinn's displeasure is the only thing to be heard.

Everything I had hoped he could accomplish today, he did in a very impressive fashion. Love that kid!


Pop said...

Go Quinn Go. Seeing him I can't wait to see you agagin Quinn.

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Go Quinn Go! You are amazing! We knew you could do it!
Sending many hugs & kisses! See you soon!
Mrs. McBride & Family

Anonymous said...

Sending love, thoughts and prayers. Go Quinn, Go!

Kara Kilroy

Pop said...

I meant "again" not "agagin". Teary eyed when I typed it from listening to Quinn cry and reading Dan's comments.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I continue to be inspired and awed by Quinn's strength...he is an old soul and there are many angels watching over him and making sure he continues to get strong! Go Quinn, go! love you guys!

Anonymous said...

last comment by Suzanne Salit

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, this makes me cry . . . I am so proud of how strong you are, Steph and Dan, when I know it has to be so hard for you. What a dear, brave little boy you have, and what a GOOD boy, to do something so hard for him just because you asked him to do it.
God bless all of you.
Mrs. Cherry

Robin & Steve Shaw said...

The "Mighty Quinn" is back! Way to go champ! This will all be over soon! Love, Mary & Joey's Nana and Papa

bax said...

So proud of you Quinn! Sending you lots of love and hugs all the way from Florida! Go Quinn Go!

MySweetPearl said...

ohhh, my little man! you can definitely teach me the meaning of TRUE STRENGTH. Next time I come we can go back to that ice-cream shop and get silly! love you Quinn :)

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

I am so proud of all of you what an amazing family. I love the fact that Steph and Wes were holding Quinns hands as he walked to the toybox. What an inspiration to see his mom and little brother. Dan he will do as you ask you are his superman and Dad do not ever doubt that you and Steph are AWESOME and AMAZING. Not to mention the strenght in Quinn is Awesome. Prayers to you all.