Monday, January 10, 2011

I didn't take any pictures today

Lots of family visited today, and Quinn is looking good. The last two days have convinced me that this recovery in the hospital is going relatively speedy. I attribute much of that to the fact that he has been very compliant in his daily tasking. He has three things to focus on throughout the day: taking walks, eating, and blowing on his pinwheel for five minutes every hour. His pinwheel is to help his lungs recover to their normal capacity. It's a great way for him to see his own progress over a couple of days. The only persuasion tool I use on him is that doing these things will help him get out of the hospital quicker and let us all go home. He gives solid efforts every time I remind him of that. His tough times are when there's blood work to be done, replacing his bandages, and periodic stomach pain. Tonight he told me "Sometimes, kids bellies just kill them. I found that out on my own."

Kinda different, but his favorite bed buddy is a fuzzy giant snake.

He is woken up early each morning for x rays. This pic was from two days ago, when he was still feeling very down about his situation.

Wes is doing some growing here over the past week. Steph keeps him well fed.

Thank you everyone for supporting Quinn and my family. His mood has improved vastly over a two day period, and he is enjoying hearing the praises you guys have for him.


Pop said...

So great to see Quinn coming back on line. Tough kid and tough times for him. I LOVE the pics of Wesley! Not sure what's goin on in the last picture. My guess is he is making room for more food.
Love you all. And Quinn, we think about you all day long. You are a strong boy.

Pop and Grandama Kim

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

You are growing up so much Quinn. I love seeing your pictures on my computer you are such a big boy.