Thursday, January 06, 2011

The recovery has taken a turn for the better. Now that Quinns bleeding and swelling have become manageable, the next thing was to get his breathing under control so that his breathing tube could be removed. Since the surgery, he has woken up several times from his sedated sleep. As soon as he would wake, he would clinch his fists, stiffen his body and hold his breath, causing increased blood pressure and low oxygen levels. So he would bleed more, and his lips would turn blue while he writhed and try to cry. I haven't forgot how much I hate seeing that. Not one bit.
So about an hour ago, the staff informed us that the plan was to turn off his meds, so he would wake, and then try to bring him under control once he woke and, if he wouldn't breath, breath for him with a hand pump. Shortly after turning off his morphine, his eyes popped open and he began to shift around. Steph and I spoke to him and told him to relax and breath, relax and breath. Steph asked if he wanted her to turn on the TV in the room, and with a pissed off look on his face, he nodded.

So the next step, now that hes breathing on his own and responsive, is to remove his breathing tube in a few hours. Steph is reading him a book and trying to keep him as soothed as possible. He has been grabbing at all the tubes and wires on his chest, but remaining calm. He is a great listener, even with all that is going on.

Thank you all for supporting him. Steph and I are very relieved to see him awake and responsive.


Momma and daddy Krug said...

This is wonderful news!! Stay relaxed Mighty Quinn, we are all thinking about you. Every second of every minute. We love you.

Pop said...

Good progress. i admire you guys and Quinn for keeping his calm. Love,

Patrick said...

I am glad to here that Quinn is doing awesome!!! It made our day because we have been thinking about him and we all say our prayers every night with him in them
Hugs and kisses,
The McBrides

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Anonymous said...

Hello, this is Meaghan McBride, Mrs. McBride's daughter.

I would just like to say that Quinn reminds me of sunshine. My day brightens up whenever I see him playing around in Mrs. Cash's driveway. He has really blossomed. Quinn even now says hi to me whenever i visit the daycare! I am so glad to hear he is doing well! Keep going Quinn!


Anonymous said...

Gosh I hate to see this dear little guy going through so much again. And hate it for Steph and Dan, too. You are all in my prayers, and those of my 'prayer warrior' friends.

I sent you my love,
Mrs. Cherry

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

Yahoo he is waking up. I love that he is enjoying a book from momma. This is wonderful news. Go QUINN GO.