Thursday, January 06, 2011

I had no idea that pulling a breathing tube was such an ordeal for a young kid. First two tries were unsuccessful as Quinn gagged and suffocated. Then he didn't want any one to touch the breathing tube. Then it became clogged so he suffocated more...
It's out now, and that part of recovery is behind him.
Three tubes draining fluid from his chest. He looks like a pin cushion. His only words right now are water, which he can't have for four hours. I tell him to relax as best he can and that he's doing a great job. And I'm thankful he's listening to me.

Right now Steph is off sleeping, and Quinn is asleep with a recent small dose of morphine. It has occurred to me that having a four year old go through this is more difficult than watching an infant. I remember him crying as an infant, and it was difficult to tell if he was in pain, or if he was crying because that's what infants do. At 4, you can read the misery on his face plain as day. Or he can tell you that he's hurting, or thirsty, or itchy, and there's nothing you can do but tell him to relax and wait.
I guess this is the tough part of the recovery because he's dealing with pretty fresh wounds. He has tubes punctured through his ribs on the left and right side of his chest to drain fluid from his lungs. He's not interested in TV or books, or anything for that matter. He just wants water. For the circumstances, I say he's handling everything very admirably. He's listening and doing what is asked of him. I think once he rests up enough, things will be a whole lot better.
Steph and I are keeping it together. Family has been coming to the hospital, and giving us breaks. A family member is by Quinns bed round the clock. Wes is eating and sleeping good, and Steph gets all the credit for that. Thanks for supporting my family. I will be showing Quinn his go Quinn go pictures when he is more with it.


Anonymous said...

It brings tears to my eyes to think of the difficulties with the removal of the breathing tube. How scary for all of you. Thank God that part is behind all of you. I hope by the time you have read this he has been able to have some water, and that he will keep it down and feel better because he isn't so thirsty.

As I've anticipated his surgery and read your blog (thank you for the updates!) I've thought how much harder it has to be for Quinn and for his family to go through this as a four year old, rather than an infant. Please God . . . move him through the healing process smoothly and as quickly as is possible.

You are all in my prayers.

Mrs. Cherry

Pop said...

As I have said before, Quinn is fortunate to have the family he does. The Mighty Quinn is such a trooper! All our prayers are slowly being answered. I know it must hurt both Quinn and you/Steph to have and see the physical pain. You all are admired by many for the strength you are demonstrating.
When Quinn looks back at all this he can't help but think, "I'm bad (translate "tough"), I'm bad..."

Love Pop and Kim

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

You and Steph are amazing parents and you are all in our prayers.