Thursday, November 09, 2006

First portrait

I just wanted to share the latest baby photos. When Dan gets home I'll have him take more belly pictures.

Our little man rubbing his eye. Yawning.


O Pilha Blogs said...

Keep on your photos...!

Robin & Steve said...

Hi guys: OK, so now we sort of know why you're soooooo big! 7-6 is a very nice size! I gotta say, my water never broke spontaneously during labor, so if you're already in labor, and your membranes haven't ruptured until you get to the hospital, and then they artificially rupture them, then no big deal. We're praying for you! Love, Robin & Steve

Kristin said... is rubbing his eyes and yawning? I'd say he looks just like his daddy. LOL. Thanks for sharing the pics. Can't wait to see him in person!!!