Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Noteworthy day

Early in the morning, mom and baby are sleeping, and very well deserved. I spoke with Steph earlier today about how so many people we don't even know are praying for our son and looking at these pictures. Some of these pictures aren't happy ones, and I asked Steph how she feels about so many people seeing them. She was hesitant, but decided they're all part of his story. But she mentioned that using discretion on my part wouldn't hurt. We are both very surprised and grateful for the amount of people supporting us.

Having said that, moving chronologically, Quinn's morning had the makings of another arduous and pain stricken day. Today he was visited by some pediatric flesh welders.

Not really. What the nurses are doing is using a light to find some veins for another IV. His previous ones had to come out because his veins were so tiny that not all of his meds were entering his blood. That means he was not receiving the dose of pain med that the doctors had thought for his previous arterial line attempts. Once again, tough break Quinn. More unsuccessful attempts at inserting a line. They placed a blue sheet over him to keep the environment sterile. Now not only could he not cry out, he couldn't even show pain.

Dad got down to look at his face to be right there with him. This is where I'll use discretion with the pictures. But watching his face isn't something I've figured out how to prepare for. The nurse is saying it's actually harder on me, and I'm thinking to myself, come look at his face lady. The nurse started singing softly to Quinn, which was very kind, but he wasn't calming and his heart rate wouldn't come down. So they stopped.

Here's my little wore out champ resting up for more of the same to come.

If they don't get the arterial line into his arm, they will have to use one going into his groin which raises the risk of infection. Steph wishes they would stop trying, but if it weren't important, they wouldn't try at all. Later in the day, his breathing tube was removed and he is breathing all on his own.

His face is sill pretty swollen, which explains why he looks like a little old oriental man. But now Quinn can make noise and I'm so glad for him. He cries, but it doesn't really qualify as a cry since he sounds like a squeaky gremlin. The nurses gave me this little rubber nipple that fits over my finger. It keeps him occupied and kind of removes that ticked off look from his face.

I'm proud of him for enduring everything. And sorry that there's more to come. He's hanging in there good, and has a ton of supporters beyond who mom and dad can name. Thanks again from my family to all.


Pop said...

Dan and Steph,

Pop here. Steph, I know that discretion on the photos might seem necessary, but for me at least, it has helped me appreciate so much more what Quinn, you, and Dan are going through. I figure if Quinn can handle what he is going through, I can certainly handle the pictures. Many of them bring tears to my eyes, but crying, and praying, and feeling aren't all that bad at this time. The biggest frustration is not being able to do something physical for Quinn. So prayers, tears and feelings are all we can offer him at this point. So Steph, just for info, no one has said anything negative about the photos. I think they are helping all of us to understand what the three of you are going through. My thoughts and prayers....and tears are with you throughout the day. You and Steph (to say nothing about Quinn) are showing family and friends what you are made of. And it is good stuff.


Jess said...

Hey Marshalls, it's nice to finally see Quinn's face (even if he does look like "a little old oriental man". He looks much more peaceful and he must be relieved to be able to express himself. Please keep the updates, photos, and thoughts coming our way. I think this whole situation is hardest on those who aren't there in the thick of things. When left to your imagination, you can come up with some pretty scary things. I think the truth, as hard as it might be, is so much easier to bear than not knowing. I haunt this website all day hoping for just a little more--a picture, your thoughts, etc. His story is incredible and everyone out here is pulling for him.
Love, jess

alexis said...

Hi Stephanie,
May shared your blog with me, I hope that was ok. I just wanted to congratulate you on the birth of your adorable son and wish you all a speedy recovery. I'm so sorry that he has to be enduring so much in his first few weeks, please know that your whole family is in my thoughts and that everyone here at Wesleyan is rooting for Quinn. Do let us know if there is anything we can do,
Take care of yourselves,

Lily's Mommy said...

What a precious little face!! I'm so glad to see that little Quinn is breathing on his own. His "squeaky gremlin noises" must be the sweetest sound you have ever heard.

I too check the site a million times a day hoping for any new detail about your incredible little fighter. Dan, you bring tears to my eyes with every update. Some of them of course are for Quinn and the pain & struggle he has to endure. But more of them are because of the amazing job you and Steph are doing as Quinn's parents. He is so very lucky!


Sarah said...

Well, I definitely echo other folks who have said, thank you so much for these updates, they are lifelines and as difficult as it is sometimes to read and see the pictures because it does make the pain that Quinn and you two both are feeling much more tangible, hopefully it also means that we can support you three even more becuase it's almost like being right their with you guys (in thoughts and spirit for sure). Your little warrior is one strong soul, and for all of the pain now, and the prayers from all over the world, I can't wait to see what mark he makes on the world. Your son in his first week of life has brought more people together than probably you will ever know and I bet that a number of people are praying and thinking more often in the Creator, the Physician to all a lot more often during the day. That's more powerful than anything that any famous person or politician, king or queen can do, and he's only a week old. Way to make your mark Quinn. We love you (and of course your parents too) Day by day I am more and more in awe of all three of you. You have started off strengthening your bonds, unfortunately through such a painful experience, but if this is the foundation that his life is built on, he is starting off ahead of most. What a trooper and what love and support.
Uncle Gordon and Auntie Sarah

Robin said...

Hi Dan! I'm hanging on this blog as well throughout every moment of every day...we are praying so hard for the three of you...and the pictures say so much. This blog is keeping us all connected, even though we can't be physically with you. I hope you can can feed on our strength and belief in the three of you. We ARE with you in spirit! Love, Robin

Anonymous said...

Dan & Steph,

It has been a long time since I have seen either of you. not since graduation in '96.... I saw on your Myspace page a few months back that you were expecting a baby around the same time I was. I actually had my daughter the day before Quinn was born. I finally got a few minutes to play around on the computer & thought to look & see if your baby had arrived yet. I was so sorry to hear about all the complications you three have had to deal with. It sounds as if everything will end up being okay & your little guy is very strong. I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you & praying for you. You are all so strong. I can't even imagine what you are going through. I am so happy for you that his breathing tube came out. It must be so wonderful for you to be able to hear him express himself!

Megan Phillips

Barb Rice said...

Steph, Dan & Quinn:
Jess' step-mom here again. I've been checking the blog each day. I am SO SO glad to see Quinn without the breathing tube. He seems to like that finger nipple! I'd like to send you some of my famous homemade chocolate chip cookies to help sustain you; do you have a non-hospital address yet? (Abbey mentioned the hospital could take DAYS to get them to you). And, Quinn, I expect Mommy & Daddy (and MAYBE some doctors and nurses) will eat this batch, but I promise to make more when you are older!! Feel free to send address info to my email:
Keep thinking the good thoughts!
HUGS, Barb Rice