Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thanks again

The advice and encouragement, so nice of you all, and I'm always glad to see people caring about Steph. She's been asking me to post more thoughts. So I've been thinking. I have no idea when this kid is coming, but. This is another of my good ideas Kristin. If our kid really is a big baby, and the doc induces Steph, I plan to smuggle a prosthetic arm in the delivery room. That way I can hold it out so Steph can just squeeze my hand during the contractions.

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Kristin said...

Another brilliant idea, Dan! But I think the real reason that women squeeze their husbands' hands during contractions is to try to hurt their husbands as much as they are hurting. I think if we laboring women could reach our husbands' nuts (sorry everyone) we would put a death grip on those instead.

So grin & bear it and take the hand crushing......afterall, it could be worse!